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Monday Shout Out: Television Interview

In what will surely be counted many years from now as one of the clearest signs of the impending apocalypse, Barry and I are going to be on television.

And we won’t be standing in front of a sign showing our height or holding a placard with our names and inmate numbers up in front of us.

We’re actually going to be interviewed by willing participants on Charlotte Today, the local station’s continuation of NBC’s Today Show. The interview will run on Monday March 18, sometime between 11 am and noon. If you’re interested, you can go to this link and click on the bit there that offers to let you watch it streaming live.

WCNC is on channel 36 if you’re picking up the signal over the air and on channels 6, 120 and 1120 on Time-Warner Cable. It’s also on channel 36 if you’re getting cable through AT&T U-verse like, apparently, me and about three other people in the entire metropolitan area.

Anyway, you’ll want to tune in if only to see whether or not Barry and I manage to avoid a complete train wreck of an interview. I have this feeling that Barry is in very real danger of sitting there, staring at the camera and not actually talking for the entirety of the interview.

I worry that I, on the other hand, will talk far too much. See, I’ve got this completely annoying habit of talking too much, trying to make really bad jokes and then laughing hilariously at my own bad jokes whenever I get nervous. Guess who’s nervous about the interview?

We’re going to be talking about, and I know this comes as a shock to a lot of you, our book: A Dude’s Guide to Babies, which should be out on bookshelves everywhere by Friday, March 22.

Yeah, we’re a bit excited about the whole thing. Give it a look, won’t you? If you’re in Charlotte, watch the tube. If not, we’re on the computer. As if you could get away from us that easily, just by leaving town.

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I, For One, Welcome Our New. . .

by Richard

So, yeah. That was the election, dudes.

Still can’t believe he won. I mean. . . Really. Right?

Sure it was a close race, well-fought in places, but still pretty nasty there at the end. One side was, of course, a much cleaner and running a better race overall. So I’m glad that side one. Yep. Sure am.


Uh huh.


So. Election?

Is it getting obvious that I’m writing this the night of the election and I have no idea who actually won the thing? I mean, sure, I could wait for the returns to come in, but I’m not allowed to read anything about politics and I can’t stand watching television news because all any of those things do is just make me mad.

And not in the good way, either. (For more on that, come back tomorrow for a great post about anger and optimism.)

Still, I did go out and vote, as did the Imperative. (More on that over the weekend.)

And, in addition, so did Zippy the College Boy. Down in Wilmington, NC, Zippy the College Boy is now living away from home so his voting precinct changed away from Charlotte.

Earlier this week, I got a call from the boy.

“Dad! Dad! Guess what?”

“What?” I asked.

“I did it!,” said Zippy the College Boy. “I finally did it. I finally got a chance to vote. . . ”

I was, to say the least, thrilled. Zippy the College Boy, being the still hormonally accelerated barely post-adolescent male that he is, tends to take his politics and his sports rather seriously and will vociferously defend his point of view against all comers. So he’s been looking forward to being an actual voting-age (ha ha ha ha) adult for a while now.

He went ahead and looked at a sample ballot, figured out who he wanted to vote for in his local races and the national races, and then marched into the voting booth. He went in a boy. He came out a boy. Who had voted.

If only there were more people in this country who had his drive and enthusiasm for voting. I’m glad I was able to pass that along, at least.

So. Here’s hoping your candidate won. Unless your candidate isn’t my candidate. In that case, I’m glad your guy lost. Because my guy won. Neener neener. Of course, if your guy won, then I hope you’ll be a gracious winner.

That seems fair, yeah?

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Rub It In, Why Don’t You?

by Richard

Sometimes, it seems as if the good news just won’t stop — for those other dudes.

Coastal living could actually be better for your health, according to a new study from the United Kingdom.

University of Exeter researchers found that people who live inland were less likely to report having ratings of “good health” than people who live closer to the coast.

Yeah, that’s right. As if they didn’t have a good enough life what with their home right on the ocean, people who live there in splendor and beauty, also get to live there longer than the rest of us poor land-locked schlubs.

Of course this little tidbit of knowledge was passed on to me by my dad. . . who lives in a beautiful condo on the beach in Florida. I don’t begrudge him the condo. He’s worked hard for most of his life to be able to have this sort of thing and I’m happy for him.


A longer, healthier life? And a house at the beach?


But, why?

“We know that people usually have a good time when they go to the beach, but there is strikingly little evidence of how spending time at the coast can affect health and wellbeing,” study researcher Dr. Ben Wheeler said in a statement. “By analyzing data for the whole population, our research suggests that there is a positive effect, although this type of study cannot prove cause and effect.”

More research is needed to extrapolate the reasons for why living by the coast seems to be linked with better health, but researchers wrote in the Health & Place study that they think “these effects may be due to opportunities for stress reduction and increased physical activity.”

Eh, who really cares why. It just is and that’s all that really matters.

After reading this, I think we all know what to do.

Find someone who lives at the beach and go live with them. It’s only fair that they get to share the benefits.

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