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Facebook Literally Saved Her Life

SquareP is alive today because of Facebook.

Yes, I mean the Facebook you’re all thinking about, the social media gathering place for all of us old people now that the young have bolted for places like tumblr, snapchat and Instagram and others.

Okay, yes, Facebook did have a little help, but I think it’s safe to say that, without Facebook, there’s a very real possibility that a woman I’ve known for decades, SquareP, could be dead.

It started last week when my wife, known herein after for this post as The Doc, was out of town giving a couple of different lectures. She’s only been on the Facebook for a couple of months and has taken to it like a duck to water.

So, she was out of town and being driven from one lecture in Tennessee to the second lecture in Asheville, NC. As she was being driven along, she decided to check in on Facebook to see what was happening.

In her stream, she found a post by SquareP that said she was having a really bad headache and wanted suggestions.

“I couldn’t believe it,” The Doc said. “Is this how we get our health care now? From Facebook?”

When she related the story to me later, I told her to think of it as someone hanging around in the breakroom and asking co-workers if they knew anything for a headache.

Moving on.

The more The Doc read about SquareP’s headache, the less she worried about the rest of the posts and the more worried she became about her friend.

“Initially, I told her it was a migraine and suggested some medications that could help,” said The Doc.

However, SquareP insisted she had never had a migraine before and denied that it was one because this was the worst headache she’d ever had in her life. At which point all the alarm bells began ringing in the back of The Doc’s brilliant brain.

“The worst headache of your life. . . That’s a prime reason to go to an emergency room or urgent care and get evaluated. It could be a lot of things and none of them are good.”

The Doc posted that SquareP should call her. Immediately. The phone conversation consisted of The Doc listening for a few minutes and then suggesting — in the strongest, most order-like fashion — that SquareP hie herself to an urgent care facility or emergency room stat! Apparently, The Doc managed to scare SquareP enough that she did just that.

I’ll let SquareP tell the next bit in her own words.

Was diagnosed with a blood clot in my brain. Scared the hell out of me but it’s completely treatable. So if you find yourself having horrible headaches especially if you’re not prone to them and they come out of nowhere, get yourself to the ER. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Yes, dudes, a blood clot in the brain. As SquareP said, very treatable with blood thinners and the like, but damn scary. It had nothing to do with me and it nearly scared me insensate.*

It was an amazing set of coincidences that allowed all this to happen. SquareP happened to post asking Facebook for help about her headache at just the exact same time that The Doc just happened to be flipping through Facebook and had the time to respond. SquareP actually called The Doc and The Doc talked SquareP into getting evaluated in person by a medical professional.

Long-distance scaring by The Doc leading to a longer life for SquareP. And today she’s home and all is good.

Without Facebook, none of this happens and the outcome could have been much, much worse. And here I was thinking bad thoughts about the usefulness of Facebook. I take it all back.**

Footnotes & Errata

* Ha, ha. Yes, fine. It doesn’t take much. Very funny.
** Well, most of it, anyway. There’s still plenty to annoy.

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Sunday Serenade: My Boyfriend’s Back

Well, not my boyfriend, understand.

Just, you know, in general.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Look, we’ve just escaped from Valentine’s Day (well, most of you, I guess. Lucky dudes.) and I thought I’d celebrate with the original song that tells the story of a woman, unfairly spurned, who takes her revenge by sicing a bigger kid on a smaller kid and saying kill.

“My boyfriend’s back and he’s gonna save my reputation.”

Yeah, because nothing says that your girl is pure, chaste and true than whipping ass on some random dude.

Man, the 50’s were a strange place. Am I right?

Anyway, it’s a short song by The Angels.


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Resolving To Take A Stand Against Resolutions. . . Wait

Don’t do it, dudes.

Seriously, don’t waste your time reviewing your life, targeting the clichéd elements like your weight, and making resolutions that — more than likely — you won’t actually keep.

Now, it’s not like we’re suggesting that you should just continue blindly on along the path for your life you set for yourself when you were 14. We agree that the unexamined life isn’t worth living.

You definitely should look at your life periodically, see if you are the sort of man you want to be. If you’re not there yet, then, by all means, make changes to get yourself there. There is always a difference between who we want to be and who we actually are. It’s the mark of a good dude, a good man or woman, that you actually chart a path to your goal and actually work to get there.

Wishing to be seen as a better person is no good unless you actually do your best to become that better person.

So, yes, definitely, take the occasional moral and behavioral inventory. Find those things that aren’t working and flush ’em. Find the parts that are working and build on their strengths.

Just don’t do it today, on New Year’s Day.

Resolutions have a nasty habit of being time-locked and reactionary. That is, what went wrong in the last little while before New Year’s Day? Then we tend to make resolutions that slightly address those issues and not the underlying causes that give rise to the events that are causing us to make resolutions.

For most people, looking back over the course of a year and remembering the things we did wrong or the things we did right, and why we did each of them, is an exercise in futility. Human memory is more fallible than we like to admit. We tend to remember the things with the most emotional weight attached to them, rather than those that are emotionally neutral. And even those things become embroidered over time.

We don’t remember what actually happened, but, rather, what we think happened. And there can be a vast gulf of difference between the two. Which means you might be making resolutions that are more worthless than normal.

Today is — most likely — a day off work. It’s a day for football and fun. Rather than spending too long in contemplation of sins past and entering the new year in a bad mood, or rushing through and slapping a few resolutions for change together, knowing full well you’re not going to keep them, just relax a bit today.

Instead, set aside a little time every three or four months to look back over your behavior during that time and make changes to your life that way. I’ve even got this stuck in my calendar. It pops up every three months, an alert reminding myself to look in a mirror for a while.

Resolve to be a better man or a better woman, but work for those changes over a shorter period of time. That way, you can keep up your enthusiasm for change and still be excited when you reach your goal, ready to start another.

Resolved: No resolutions today. Other than that one, of course.

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