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Veteran’s Day 2013

Say thanks to a veteran today, dudes.

They deserve it.

At this point in time in America, we have an all-volunteer armed forces. Which means, that if you don’t want to join the Army or the Navy, or the Air Force or the Marines, you don’t have to do it.

So all those men and women serving overseas, fighting in at least three different conflicts (no matter how our feelings on the idiot who started said conflicts) deserve our thanks.

Not deification. Not adoration. Thanks.

They have accepted the opportunity given them by our country and its leaders and they are taking on a dangerous job. And we appreciate it.

And, if you want to feel like you’re not part of the herd, wait a day or so and then say thanks. It really doesn’t matter when you do it, but let our men and women in the armed forces know we appreciate the job they are being paid to do.

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Sunday Serenade: Judging A Book

Every so often, a plan comes together. And I love it when that happens.*

Tomorrow in America is Veteran’s Day, when we celebrate those who have served in our country’s armed forces.

I happened to be looking for a nice song for you dudes and dudettes for this feature and, for some reason, decided to look for lullaby songs. I don’t understand that bit either. Still, I typed the word into youtube’s search feature and came up with this song.

It’s from FX’s Sons of Anarchy. I’ve never seen the show. Have no idea what context they used this song. However, when tomorrow is tomorrow and the song’s called “Lullaby for a soldier,” well I just couldn’t resist, now could I? No. No I could not.

Really glad I stumbled on this song because it’s beautiful, both in lyrical content and in voice. It’s about the pain a mother feels over losing her son and, dudes, this is very, very well done.

Maggie Siff, an actress on the show, does the singing and she’s great. So, enough intro. Here’s the song.


*10 pop-culture points to the dude or dudette who can tell me where that came from.

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Thank A Veteran

by Richard

Today, in America, we celebrate Veteran’s Day. This is the day we set aside to honor those of our fellow countrymen and women who have served time as part of our armed forces.

What with the wars in Afghanistan and in Iraq, as well as in various hotspots around the globe, we’ve owe more than ever to those past and present members of the Army, Air Force, Marines, Navy, Coast Guard and National Guard.

While we’re celebrating all of those who served today, I’d like to set aside a couple of minutes to talk about those who gave even more. Thanks to advances in battlefield medical technology, we’re seeing more soldiers returning alive but seriously wounded from service abroad.

Which gives us the opportunity to help them. Just quickly google assistance and veteran and you’ll find plenty of organizations dedicated to helping our troops. I’d like to highlight a couple here to which you might want to donate.

Fisher House is an organization dedicated to providing “comfort homes,” built on the grounds of major military and VA medical centers. These homes enable family members to be close to a loved one at the most stressful times – during the hospitalization for an unexpected illness, disease, or injury.

The Wounded Warrior Project provides a number of services to the returning wounded and their families, including benefits counseling, caregiver retreats, family support and peer mentoring.

The USO is a nonprofit, congressionally chartered private organization that provides innumerable services to our troops, either on active duty or on leave. In addition to the well-known entertainments the organization puts on overseas, the USO does things as simple and powerful as welcoming home troops who arrive in airports all over the country, something my father-in-law (himself a veteran of the Marines) does almost every week.

Take some time and provide some support, dudes. If you can’t get out and do the work yourself, you can easily donate some money to help out these and other worthy organizations.

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