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Sunday Serenade: My Boyfriend’s Back

Well, not my boyfriend, understand.

Just, you know, in general.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Look, we’ve just escaped from Valentine’s Day (well, most of you, I guess. Lucky dudes.) and I thought I’d celebrate with the original song that tells the story of a woman, unfairly spurned, who takes her revenge by sicing a bigger kid on a smaller kid and saying kill.

“My boyfriend’s back and he’s gonna save my reputation.”

Yeah, because nothing says that your girl is pure, chaste and true than whipping ass on some random dude.

Man, the 50’s were a strange place. Am I right?

Anyway, it’s a short song by The Angels.


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And The Countdown Begins. Again.

by Richard

Well, you dudes have had a good month and a half off from having to hustle out into the cold, cruel world and search for the perfect gift for your wife, girlfriend, partner, significant other. That’s far too long.

So let’s shake things up and we’ll invent something called Valentine’s Day and we’ll make it all about love and then we’ll amp the commercial aspects of this thing and force school kids to send Valentine’s Day cards to all their classmates even if they don’t like them and we’ll make sure you can’t get through this and keep your relationship going without buying something nice and. . .

Okay, I might be exaggerating just a tad there. Maybe.

Still, Valentine’s Day is an interesting beast. Coming as it does in the middle of February, there’s not much around it, thankfully, so it seems as if this holiday got put there just to break up the winter monotony. Sure I could be wrong, but the cynical choice can be depended on to be the right choice a lot of the time. Even when it’s not, it still sounds like you know what you’re talking about so you will do it again and again.


Valentine’s Day is coming up on Feb. 14 and it’s this day, no other, that we’re supposed to celebrate our love for the people with which we’re in a relationship. Never mind the other 354 days in the year, don’t worry about showing your love on those days, no this is the one that counts.

Blow this one and you’re in a ship-load of trouble. A veritable ship-load, I tell you.

So, you know, no pressure.

The traditional gifts are flowers and chocolate. You know you don’t want to make either of those the centerpiece of your gift. You’ll get that polite smile and smek on the cheek, but behind her eyes you’ll see the crushing disappointment, the despair and the sure and certain knowledge that you really don’t understand her and never will, you jerk.

What are you supposed to do, then, if you can’t go with the traditional?

Oddly, I’ve found that one of the best ways to do this is just to ask. Not blatantly, you understand, subtly. Look over mail-order catalogs with her, see what she likes; or force yourself to go window shopping with her.

No matter what you choose, make sure it’s something personal. I mean, she might really need and want a new iron, but that’s not going to get you any points come Valentine’s Day.

Best of luck, dudes!

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Give The Unexpected

by Richard

Welp, we’re a little more than two weeks out from Valentine’s Day and, more than likely, you dudes still haven’t given much of a thought as to what you’re going to give your sweetie. I know. I know. It’s hard to think about stuff like that. I mean, the Super Bowl’s almost on and college basketball is ramping up toward March Madness. I understand, dudes.

That’s why I’m here.

This year, we’re all going to try and avoid chocolates and flowers like the clichéd plague they are. I’ve already talked about the joys of giving Pandora beads, so now I want to talk about something a bit more practical, but that your sweetie will absolutely love. Once she gets over the idea that you might think she’s a slob.

Let’s talk organization. If your house/apartment/refrigerator box is anything like mine, it’s a mess. There’s (a little of) my stuff, (a lot of) my wife’s, known to me as She Who Must Be Keeping Every Single Stitch Of Clothing She’s Ever Purchased And Look What’s In The Mail-More Mail-Order Clothing, stuff, and (a metric ton of) stuff belonging to the young dudes. That, my friends, is a lot of stuff.

And there’s no one in the house who’s all that good at organizing stuff so it doesn’t look like something exploded or organizing by the simple expedient of cramming more stuff in that closet, you know the one, over there with the bulging door.

Which makes what Kristina Barrett does all the more amazing. Kristina is the owner and main worker bee for Good Egg Organizing here in the Charlotte metro area. She is absolutely, flat-out, cold awesome at what she does.

And what she does is make the rest of us look good. Or at least like we won’t embarrass our various mothers by making the house look like we were raised in a barn. And, no, I’m not shilling for her in the hopes that she’ll give us a discount the next time she comes ’round the house and gets my sweetie straightened away.

She’s just that good.

Not to turn this into an ode to Kristina or anything, but she helps to make living in the house more than just surviving. She works with my wife, known to me as She Who Must Be Getting Organized — Eventually, to get the clutter busted, find places for stuff and make things look better. Not only do they constantly reorganize her closet, but Kristina also has helped us to decorate, for instance, our wall unit so it holds knick-knacks and looks good. Not only that, but she’s good enough that I actually let her help us decorate for my favorite holiday, Halloween, and actually enjoyed the experience.

Organization isn’t something that comes naturally to most people. That spare table in most houses basically becomes a shelf for people to put junk on that just happens to have chairs sitting around on it. With Kristina’s help, we’ve been able to actually eat dinner on the dining room table. For a while at least. Clutter does tend to come back.

Anyway, think about it. If not Kristina, then look on the internet for organizers who work in your area. Really. It’s a great gift for her, that will also be a good gift for you.

If you’re in the Charlotte metro area and want to give Christina a call, you can reach her at 704-941-0304, or at her website, www.goodeggorganizing.com, or by e-mailing her at kristina(at)goodeggorganizing(dot)com.

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