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Put A Little Love In Your Life

Yes, dudes, it’s Valentine’s Day. I sure hope you have already purchased/made/found the right gift for your loved one, the gift that says exactly how you feel and will be accurately understood as such.

And, yes, I also know that Valentine’s Day is a creepily commercial holiday designed to force people to spend unFSMly amounts of money on chocolate and flowers and cards and gifts and all that stuff just so they can say they love/like/don’t actively plot to kill someone.

So, yes, I did go out and buy stuff for She Who Must Be Made Aware Of My Undimmed Ardor. Yes, we did purchase cards to send to children, nephews, nieces, aunts, uncles, parents, step-parents and all like that.

Sure there should  be a boycott of the whole silly thing, but, brother, I ain’t the dude to lead that futile bit of fluff which will, ultimately, only make its leaders look like idiots.

Even with the commercial aspect of all this. . . You know what? I really don’t mind it.

You can and should tell your loved ones every single day that you do love them, that they mean the world to you and you would hardly be able to go on without them. Or words to that effect. That’s something that every right-thinking individual should do on a more-than-daily basis.

But that sometimes doesn’t happen. I think it’s nice that there’s a day set aside for love. A day designed (in theory) explicitly to make it easier to express the love we feel toward another person.

That and I love getting chocolates. So there’s that.

Of course, I think the whole thing has become overblown to an appalling extent, but that’s what happens with most things in America that stand a small chance of actually making some company somewhere some amount of money. More hoopla, more money. It’s the way it goes.

Which doesn’t mean it’s all wrong.

So, whether or not you’ve bought into the prevailing zeitgeist and purchased something big and expensive or simply took the time to walk up behind your loved one and wrap an arm around his/her shoulders and whisper that she/he is loved, enjoy it.

Realize that love, however and wherever you find it, is a rare and precious thing that should always be celebrated. Even if it means you have to dress in silk underwear with red hearts printed on it.

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You’d Better Watch Out

Run for the hills, dudes!

Run for the hills!

In less than a month, it’s going to be Valentine’s Day! And then. . .

And then. . .

You know what? It’s just not working for me today.

Here I was, all set and ready to rant about how Valentine’s Day has completely changed from the sweet and innocent day to declare your infatuation with someone else and into an over-commercialized sex-sells camp fest and then. . .  I looked out the window.


It’s sunny and warm out. I mean, it’s in the mid 70’s here in Key West. There’s a lovely island breeze blowing across the porch, bringing with it the smell of crabs boiling in Old Bay seasoning. Somewhere, probably just out of earshot, someone’s playing a steel drum.

There’s fun to be had, but I’m not going to find it chained to a computer screen. No matter how much fun it is to work myself up into high dudgeon and rant and rave.

Relaxation is the business of the day. And, dudes? Business is a’boomin’.

Check you on the flip side.

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Valentine’s Day Today

by Richard

It’s not too late, dudes. I’m sure you can rush right out after work and stop by a gas station quikie mart on your way home and get a perfectly acceptable and romantic Valentine’s Day gift for your wife. I’m sure of it.

Okay. No. I’m not. You’re doomed. Fess up and take it like a man.

Whatever you do, don’t use the excuse that Valentine’s Day is just some made-up holiday designed to sell a lot of cards and chocolate and flowers and all that and that you really show your love every single day because she’s so wonderful and you shouldn’t be held to some artificial standard invented by marketing executives when you love her so much your love can’t be contained to only one day so you thought you’d keep spreading it out because you love her so very much.

It doesn’t work.

Trust me. I know.

Don’t ask me how I know, but I do know. The Bruise Of ’08 could tell you such a story. But won’t.

No, all this is true. It really is a silly marketing ploy, but, unfortunately, it’s one that works. People have become conditioned to believe that we need to show our love for our significant others (or significantly important this month ones) on Feb. 14. This is the day we need to adjust our definitions of romance to exclude things like TV trays, take-out bags, anything that comes in sets of six, or ties (when intended to be worn around the neck).

Remember when I said you were doomed. You’re not. Not really. Even a single flower, given with enough sincerity and meaningfulness, can stir even the coldest heart. Once you learn to fake those, you’re in.

Happy Valentine’s Day, dudes!

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