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The Phantom Menace

While we were on our vacation sans little dudes, we went out to dinner. My wife said, “Let’s try not to talk about the kids.” I told her it was a great idea. We lasted all of about five minutes. Well, when I say we, I mean me. The little dudes are just such a big part of our lives, they naturally take up a huge chunk of our conversational time.

When I was scuba diving and saw something really amazing (like the spectacular toadfish, which is found only in the Cozumel region), I’d immediately think my middle dude would have loved to see it. When I finished a book, I wanted to discuss it with my oldest dude. When I saw the huge water trampoline in the ocean, I wanted to start bouncing and diving with my littlest dude.

My wife, known to some as She Who Must Be Obeyed, and I had the occasional slip, but we managed to talk about other things than our little dudes on the vacation. We actually went a day or so without mentioning them more than once or twice. Hey, don’t look at me like that. There’s no way any parent can forget their little dudes and dudettes completely. So we weren’t completely successful. I mean, the only souvenirs we brought home were bull whips and shirts for the little dudes.

I think taking a vacation without the kids and — slightly — from the kids was a good thing. It let my wife and me reconnect with each other as people, instead of co-parents. We actually got to talk about things that wouldn’t interest a young dude. I think I quite like that.

Of course, now that we’re home, we’ve started talking about when the little dudes will get home as well. Still, it was a nice break while it lasted.

— Richard

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Three of the ‘big four’ are visiting their grandparents this week for camp. My wife and I are so relaxed it’s a little scary. We don’t know what to do with ourselves with only our 3 1/2-year-old here.

Last night we went to the pool and I was swimming with my little girl and looked up and saw my wife just sitting there totally mellowed out. I asked her what she was doing and she whispered, “relaxing.” UNREAL!

Here is a list of other things we did not have to do and things we can do this week:

  1. Wake up at 5:45 a.m. to get everyone ready by 7:30 a.m. for school.
  2. Break up the nightly fights between the boys and their 6-year-old sister.
  3. Say “Because I said so!” 1,000,000 times.
  4. Go to bed before midnight because we can actually get some housework done before then.
  5. Plop the toddler in front of a DVD without a fight over what to watch.
  6. Yes! Other stuff too. <wags eyebrows up and down suggestively>

– Barry
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