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Very Cool Stuff From A Floating Canadian

If you’ve not been paying attention for the last couple of months, you dudes probably didn’t know there was a Can-eh-dian up in space.

On the International Space Station to be exact.

Chris Hadfield, the ISS’s first Canadian commander, is, it turns out, a tremendous PR asset to the very idea of space travel itself.

He’s a natural, he is. In addition to tweeting, and liveblogging and all sorts of great stuff that involves everyone on Earth with the folks floating above, he also started a pretty awesome cool youtube.com channel.

Through that format, Hadfield has shown us Earthbound clods how they do it up in space. This, as they say, is how they roll. Or, really, how they float.

Being a real dude, Hadfield showed us that real men — real astronauts — can cry.

He also showed us how astronauts sleep on the ISS when they don’t have beds, don’t have blankies and would float away on a mild breeze if prodded.

I grabbed most of these videos from a great compilation post from Techland at time.com. You dudes really should head over there and see all these wonderful videos.

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Getting The Mourning In Early

by Richard

Well, this is it. The last weekend of March Madness is coming up rapidly and I miss it already, dudes.

This is the end of the sports year for me.

Now, stretching out over the long spring and the interminable summer, there’s nothing in this vast wasteland of sports boredom except for that tiny wavering mirage way, way off in the distance of August. . . Could it be? Maybe possible? Is it. . . two-a-days? Are football players finally returning to pre-season camp?

Yes. It’s true. And it’s also five months away, almost half a year.

I’m not sure I can take this again this year. Fall is great. Wonderful, in fact. I mean, you’ve got college and pro football. That lasts through the bowl season in December and January. Then you’ve got the NFL playoffs and Super Bowl. That’s all well and good.

Once football goes away, we still have the methadone of the NCAA men’s college basketball tournament. Whining that you should have picked the upset and did you see that last second normally get me through March at least.

And then there’s nothing.

Baseball? Boring. Golf? Even worse. NASCAR? Not even if you paid me.

And that’s it, dudes. There’s nothing. Nothing. Nothing.

I guess I’m going to have to go out and start doing stuff with the young dudes and She Who Must Be Out And About again. I’m sure there’s a bicycle to be ridden, a shallow hill to be climbed, or, in my case, a ravine to be tumbled into.

Either way, it’s time to start looking. Once this next weekend is over, it’s over. All of it.

Any ideas? Any athletic ideas for how to kill the time until football starts back up? Come on, dudes, there’s got to be an idea or two floating around in ideaspace that you’ll share with me.

Any help I can get. . . I’ll take it.

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What Do You Mean Crazy?

by Richard

You dudes are making me look crazy(er).

Well, I mean, it’s not that you’re doing it intentionally or, really, doing anything at all. I mean, you‘re not doing it. And, I don’t think I’m crazy and that’s pretty much a guarantee that you’re not crazy, yeah? But I stand by that lede.

Because, really, you dudes are making me look crazy.

It’s because I talk to myself too much. That’s not the problem. I mean, there’s tons of dudes and dudettes walking the streets of our fair planet talking to the air, gesturing like there’s someone there. We all know they’re wearing a bluetooth headset and actually talking on their phone. They’re not crazy.

No, my problem comes in that I’m clearly not wearing a headset when I’m arguing with myself or sketching out the pros and cons of something.

It’s you dudes, all right? I learned it from writing for you!

What? I can’t quote an obscure drug-paranoia public service ad every once in a while?

Seriously, though, I’m more of a verbal or kinesthetic learner. What that means is that if I have an idea and want to remember it, other than by writing it down somewhere I won’t lose the note, I have a better chance of remembering it if I hear it out loud and if I perform some sort of movement while I’m saying what I want to remember. For me, the best way I know to remember something is to mumble it to myself while I’m writing it down.

Learning styles are a hotly debated subject in the field of education. One of the cornerstones of education plans for students with learning disabilities, styles also are opposed by more traditional-minded educators.

Having had some experience with education on both sides of the desk, I’ve got to say that I do think there is something to this learning style jazz. I know I’m better at remembering stuff some ways and worse at others. I’ve seen the same thing happen with my young dudes. Tell them something and it’s like it never happened. Have them repeat it back, or read it on a note and it’s as good as done.

Different actions help to trigger the reactions in your brain that are associated with the formation and recall of memories.

All of which has absolutely nothing to do with seeming crazy for talking too much, but I did want to remember how I was going to get into this subject. Which I have.

Now I suggest you parents, especially the parents of a not-yet-in-kindergarten young dude or dudette and younger-grade kids, go out there and do a little reading on the subject of learning styles. I think what you’ll find will be a lot of help.

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