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I’m Melting

by Richard

No, I’m not the Wicked Witch of the whatever direction it is that doesn’t like water and reacts badly to a little improvisational comedy in the vein of the Three Stooges. That is, the one that melts when water gets thrown on her.

I’m just talking about the heat.

That terrible, horrible heat.

Most of the country has been under a heat warning the last couple of days. I came back from Florida, where the temperature was 93 degrees, and home to North Carolina, where a temperature of 104 degrees greeted me.

That’s hot.

To make matters worse, this was the day Casa De Dude hosted a family reunion of the wonderful folks on the side of the family belonging to my wife, known to me and braggingly known now to her family as She Who Must Be Obeyed. And it was hosted outdoors.

Yeah, we set up the party in the heat. Got out the plates and tables and drinks and party games and suchlike in the heat. We cooked in the heat. And then, when everybody else arrived, we had the party outdoors in the heat. If our backyard wasn’t a miniature forest for all the trees, I’m sure somebody would have melted.

My favorite ice cream dessert I make, Heavenly Layers, basically melted just moments after I cut the pieces and put them on the plate. And that was indoors.

Dude, I have no idea how people managed to survive life before air conditioning, much less wearing all the thick clothing for which those years were known.

Not me, dude. Not me.

And with that whine, I’m headed indoors to stay. Somebody can crack me out of the house once the temperatures go back down to tolerable, somewhere around 95 degrees. I won’t like it, but I can live with it.

What more could I ask?

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A Christmas Wonderland. . . Of Blood!

by Richard

I get the feeling that a snowman took his life in his own sticks if he ever went to Calvin’s neighborhood.

Calvin and his pet tiger, Hobbes, were known for winters spent turning the traditional three-ball snowman into something more akin to a horror movie extra set. There were snowmen run over by cars, dismembered, hung by ropes from trees, chased by sharks and many other horrible, wonderful fates.

That all ended, of course, when Bill Watterson, Calvin and Hobbes’ creator, decided to call it quits. I can’t tell you dudes how much I miss that comic strip. It was warm, funny and amazingly well-drawn.

It turns out, I’m not the only one who misses Calvin and Hobbes. And, fortunately, some of the folks who miss them, also are creative in theirownselves. These dudes sat down and crated an amazing little video mash note to Bill Watterson. You really need to see this.

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Tripping Into Fall

by Richard

Here’s a nice thought for a Monday: Fall weather is creeping in on soft, frost-covered feet, bringing with it the blazing colors of the leaves and the crisp, clean smell of the cold.

All of which is a nice way of saying summer’s over and we’re moving into fall. I’m not going by the calendar here (although, if I were, I probably would have mentioned something about this on last Friday. Sept. 23 was the official first day of fall.), but by the feeling of the morning air when I go out to walk Buzz, the garbage disposal that walks like a dog.

Lately, I’ve had to either shiver in shorts or don the long pants. That, to me, is a sure sign of the coming of fall and the waning of summer. Let me make this perfectly clear: I love the fall. Summer is nice because it’s a break from school, but I get truly tired of the hot weather that comes and stays and won’t go away. Fall is when I really start to re-learn that I love weather and remember why we moved from Florida to North Carolina in the first place.

Every year about this time I have to remember my first fall in North Carolina. I was doing dishes and looking out at the back yard and started thinking dire thoughts. I was sure I would have to call in an arborist to cut down most of our trees. All the leaves were turning brown, you see, so I thought they were dying. I’d forgotten that was what happened in most places during the fall.

So, now that the cooler weather is here, why not gather up the young dudes and go out to enjoy it? I know I will.

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