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Selling Out: Bowling Gear For The Left-Handed Dude

This is something new today, dudes. I was approached by a business website and they offered me a couple bills to run a story about bowling gear. Since I love bowling, I figured it was a win-win situation.

So, with that in mind, let’s get on with the sponsored content.

Choosing the Proper Equipment for Lefty Bowlers

 While there was a time when left-handed people would find it difficult to partake in the same activities as right-handed people simply for the reason that they could not find equipment that specifically addressed their needs, this is no longer the case. If you like bowling, for example, there is no reason whatsoever that you should not be able to enjoy your favorite pastime just because you are a lefty, as long as you get the right equipment.

 Bowling Ball

Bowling is fun.

Bowling balls come in a variety of different shapes and sizes so it is only normal that you will find them for left-handed people, as well. There is only a slight difference between these balls and regular ones as the holes are positioned differently. You need three holes for your thumb, ring finger and index finger in order to grip a ball correctly. The best recommendation here is to have your own custom ball which has been drilled to match your hand position exactly.

Bowling shoes

Bowling Shoes need to fit right.


It might sound weird that left-handed people would need different kinds of shoes. However, some players ascertain that lefties should use their left shoe to slide and their right shoe for traction when taking a shot. Since regular bowling shoes have the same kind of sole, they would require custom shoes in order to achieve a better performance.


Bowling gloves just look cool.A lot of pro players like to wear special gloves when bowling. Their texture provides more contact with the ball and allows the players to get a better grip. Oddly enough, these special gloves are not usually sold in pairs, so lefties would need to buy them only for their left hand.

Whenever you are looking for good bowling equipment such as cheap bowling bags, your needs can be met at bowlingbags.com, where you will find a large selection of quality products at affordable prices.

And there you have it, dudes and dudettes, our first sponsored post. Hope you enjoyed it.

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Creation Versus Consumption

Over the weekend, I’d had enough of the back door to our garage.

The door’s been there since the house was built, nearly 30 years ago. It’s seen several different doorknobs and locks and such, but it’s the same door.

The problem was that — all those doorknobs and locks — they’ve been drilled into the exact same holes in the door. And, over the years, those holes got a bit bigger and a bit looser, and a bit bigger and a bit looser, until, as of the weekend, the screws holding the lock plate to the door kept falling out.

We’d try to close the door, only to have it *clang* off the doorjamb and bounce back at us. It was at the point that I could simply push the screws back into the door with my thumb.

So, yes, I’d had enough. I went out and purchased some wood filling putty, put on some surgical rubber gloves and got to work. Cutting and rolling and kneading the putty, I then shoved it into the various screw holes. I cleaned it up and then waited for an hour for the putty to cure.

When that was done, I got out the trusty electric drill/screwdriver and put the screws back in, nice and tight. Then I sat back and basked in the endorphin rush of getting something done.

It’s what an individual going by the name of Rands on the internet calls the “Builder’s High.”

I don’t know what cascading chemical awesomeness is going down in my brain when it detects and rewards me for the act of building, but I’m certain that the hormonal cocktail is the end result of millions of years of evolution. Part of the reason we’re at the top of the food chain is that we are chemically rewarded when we are industrious – it is evolutionarily advantageous to be productive.

Rands is worried that we as a society are training ourselves to deny our own instinct to be productive by overdosing on other people’s moments, via Facebook, twitter and the like. He might have a point.

I know I’ve often had that builder’s high when I’ve finished some project around the house, be it writing “the end” when I’ve finished making a book, or fixing the garbage disposal or even, yes, really, getting all the leaves out of the lawn on a late fall afternoon.

(Seriously, I’ll look out over the newly uncarpeted-with-leaves lawn, see the fading green of the grass well mowed and feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment. Maybe I’m just easily satisfied by manual labor. Could be the case.)

It’s a wonderful sensation. I think it can also be called the Satisfaction Of A Job Well Done, although I’m not sure I want to actually call it that because now I’m sounding like my grandfather when he got up on his high hobby horse and started yammering about how I was too lazy while I was enjoying the hammock.

Still, he might have had a point. In athletics, that feeling you’ve got, after you’ve left it all out there on the field and emerged victorious, almost can’t be beat.

It’s the difficult things that bring the most satisfaction when we bring them into reality. If it’s easy, there’s not really any “high,” no sense of accomplishment. But when we have to work, to sweat, to force ourselves to keep going. . .

That’s when it all feels oh, so good.

Why not encourage the young dudes and dudettes to help them get those feels? Work with them to accomplish something together and share how good that made you feel.

Because, let’s face it, the greatest act of creation we’re going to do is help our young dudes and dudettes create the lives they will inhabit. I know I want to feel proud of the work I’ve done when I’m done. You?

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Cotton Hell

by Richard

Do you dudes ever get the idea that maybe you might have shared perhaps a little too much? Perhaps shared a little too freely about things that might best have been left in the dark?

No, smart alec, I’m not talking about this here bit of writing. Although, now that I think about it. . . No, never mind.

What I’m talking about happened a while ago, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth and I worked as a newspaper reporter for the FLORIDA TODAY, a newspaper that functioned basically as the forerunner to USA TODAY.

For some reason, I and my fellow ink-stained wretches had started talking about things we didn’t like. I actually volunteered my deepest dislike, my most intense fear: cotton balls. No, really.

I can’t stand those things. There’s something about the *squinching* they make when you’ve got them between your thumb and finger that just drives me nuts. I hate it. Can’t stand the things.

Of course, being the ink-stained wretches that they are, my “friends,” and I do use that word in quotes here to denote sarcasm, thought that was hilarious. I thought it was completely justified. I didn’t think there was any way to justify what happened next.

The next morning, when I came in to work, my desk, chair and workstation was covered — completely covered — in cotton balls. It was hideous. Worse than I could ever imagine. Made even more horrible by the laughter ringing out from desks throughout the newsroom.

Of course, since it was my workstation, I had to do the clean up. Fortunately, I had come prepared for just such an emergency. Well, not really. I did borrow some tweezers and a trash bag. That way I wouldn’t have to actually touch the *squinching* things.

The moral here is . . . well, I’m not really sure. Maybe it’s that I don’t learn very quickly and shouldn’t have shared this a second time. Maybe it’s that what scares us as a youth doesn’t necessarily translate to older ages? Whatever. Insert your own moral here.

Even though cotton balls no longer top my list, they’re still too creepy to keep around, so don’t you dudes be getting any bad ideas out there.

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