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Reading For Fun. . . And For Profit (Sort Of)

Let me get this out there: I straight-up love reading. There’s almost nothing I’d rather be doing when I’ve got some downtime. I can be instantly transported into another world, full of thrilling adventures and amazing sites.

Given a chance, most little dudettes and dudes love reading as well, as long as they can find the written words that actually interest them and are on their level — not too hard, not too easy.

The problem is that reading isn’t as easy to do as watch television or play a video game or ride a bike. All of these things simply require either a simple flip of the switch or a decision to go outside. Reading takes more mental effort, in that you can’t simply sit there passively and take in the story like you can television.

However, studies have shown again and again that the more you read, the better is your vocabulary. And the better your vocabulary, the more success you’ll find once you enter the working world, all other things begin equal.

Over at Awesome Elementary School, reading was emphasized more than any other basic skill. The better reader a student is, the better she’ll be at math, or science or social studies. Anything really. If she doesn’t have to work on reading while doing her science homework, she can actually concentrate on the science part, not what the next word means.

Which brings me to summer. See, growing up, I never had this problem. My ideal summer day consisted of waking up in the afternoon, heading out to enjoy the setting summer sun, and just goofing off until after dinner. I’d watch a little tv and then head up to my room, which was where the fun began. I’d haul out the book I was reading and then get started. And I wouldn’t stop. Even when my parents came into my room and turned off the light, I’d get out a flashlight and read under the covers.

I know it sounds like a cliché, but it’s true. I’d read until the early morning hours and then sleep until the afternoon and start the whole cycle over gain.

But I understand that a lot of kids aren’t like that. Which means it’s up to you parents to help set them on the right path.

I seriously advocate that you set aside an hour a day for reading with your child. If you’re a stay-at-home parent, that should be easy. Just do it during the hottest part of the day and you’ll avoid too much sun while also broadening both of your horizons. If you’re working, try to set aside that time with your child during the evening.

Turn off the television and both of you haul out a book. After all, he shouldn’t be the only one having a good time. And, when your child sees you read, they realize that it’s cool to do so. This is the kind of behavior you want to model. You know, rather than showing the kid how to curse when someone cuts you off in traffic.

You also can schedule trips to the local library for more books. Libraries are wonderful. Truly. I mean, you can go in there, wander around all day and find book after book after book that interest you and then — wonder of wonders — the library lets you take them home to enjoy at your leisure. All without paying a single cent.

That is fantastic!

One of my favorite things about the library is that it also has a ton of audiobooks. My middle young dude, Zippy the College Boy, isn’t a big reader, but he loves listening to books. Unfortunately, audiobooks are expensive. Thank goodness for the library, then.

And many libraries have story times during the summer as well. You can bring your little dude and dudette into the library and listen to some pretty fantastic stories in the air conditioning. And leave with even more books.

Reading: not only is it fun, but it’s been shown to prevent brain rot in most little dudes and dudettes. Give it a shot.

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Dudes On Today (Charlotte Today, But That Counts Even More)

Barry and Richard are headed into the television studios again this morning.

We’ll be appearing on NBC’s Charlotte Today morning show, which runs from 11 am to noon on channel 36 locally in Charlotte.

Conversely, if you can’t catch us live, you can always go to their website for WCNC and click on the Charlotte Today link. Or just click that back there in the last sentence and it will take you straight to the Charlotte Today site. Darn convenient, yeah?

So, Barry and Richard will be appearing on the show to talk about summertime from a dad’s point of view. That is, what do dudes do over the summer when they’ve got their kids at home?

Good question, really.

Let’s hope we can answer it.

Tune in and find out.

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More DudeFace Than You Know What To Do With

So Barry and Richard (who’s beginning to develop a fondness for speaking of himself in the third person, perhaps to make sure he’s able to actually hear a kind voice calling his name) have managed to con their way onto a number of different television and radio shows in the last little while.

So they thought, if you can call what they do thinking, why not collect them all in one place and then see if that webspace then proceeds to melt down from the sheer power of the appalling wonderful presence.

Or something.

Anyway, they just decided to put those links and embeds here for your viewing, well, let’s not call it pleasure, but how about experience? Viewing experience? Sounds good.

Suffer Enjoy!

WCCB Fox News Rising
WCNC NBC Charlotte TodayCBS Chicago

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