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Travel Time Yet Again

Yep, it’s that part of the week where, once again, I’m on the road. Which means that, other than some silly little rants against the plain stupidity of the TSA, well. . .

I got nothing.

Yes, ha ha. As if this were any different from any other day. Very funny, there, peanut gallery. Very funny.

I’ve got lots of good stuff, great material from Chicago. It’s just that I’m trying to type this on an iPad (with a Luvitt Ultrathin Keyboard Cover, which is working surprisingly well) and an extremely dodgy wifi connection to the internet.

I still find it incredibly difficult to believe reputable hotels don’t offer good high-speed internet as a courtesy to their guests. To have to pay for cruddy wifi is a shame.

Anyway, the wifi keeps cutting in and out so typing is becoming an increasingly large pile of frustration and anger. I’m not that dense, after all. I can’t make it work better so I’m just going to give it up until I’ve got a better connection.

Or until I’m somewhere where I can scream and yell and let out the frustration that way. Don’t want to set a bad example for the youngish dudes camped out in our hotel room.

With that in mind, I’m signing off here. I’ll be back tomorrow with some great stuff from Barry’s swing through the Southern leg of the A Dude’s Guide to Babies book tour.

See you then.

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Back Up To Speed

by Richard

It’s tough, returning from a vacation and trying to get back up to speed on just what’s been going on in your absence.

It’s even more of a challenge to keep a happy face on while you’re doing so.

For instance, Hyper Lad has an iPod Touch, which is basically an iPhone but without the ability to make telephone calls. The problem I have with it is that it also has a lot of games on it. Games which Hyper Lad will play for hours and hours and hours and hours until I or another adult tell the little dude to knock it off.

He knows that he’s not supposed to take the iPod Touch to bed with him because I want him to sleep. While I wasn’t here, though, he was able to sweet talk his grandmother and mom into letting him take it to bed. Most likely he just didn’t tell them about it and took it to bed without them knowing.

When I got home, he tried to tell me how he’d taken the iPod Touch to bed with him, but still got up on time and wasn’t sleepy. The problem for the little dude was that this meant he had been disobeying the house rules, which is what got focused on more than the fact that he got up.

He’s not the only slacker around Casa Dude. Not that I’m calling them all slackers, but I did find that things that I normally do when I’m here didn’t get done when I was gone. So I have to ease them and me back into the groove we’d established before the vacation.

It was different when I was working outside the house. Then I hated to take vacations because I’d always be afraid the bosses would discover that they really didn’t need me and I wouldn’t have a job when I got back. It’s not paranoia. Well, okay, maybe it was.

Anyway, it’s something to remember when you’re planning on going away. Always budget some time when you get back for getting back into the swing of life at home without a mai tai.

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It’s Not A Fort

by Richard

Over a period of approximately three weeks, the old, dreary wooden swing set in our backyard has gained probably 50 pounds in weight. Mostly steel and iron. In the form of nails. See, Speed Racer has discovered the swing set and, along with a friend of his from the neighborhood (let’s call him Spridle), he’s been in the process of renovating the swing set.

They’re turning it into a club house, don’tcha know.

And, I was rather forcefully corrected, it’s not a fort. “A fort is made from chairs and blankets. This is a club house. For boys. No girls are allowed.”  Give ’em a few years and I’m pretty sure that’ll change.

Let’s check out the visual evidence for how much progress has been made by the little dudes.

As you can see, not much actual progress there, but I can tell you from experience that there’s a whole lotta nails in that there contraption. This weekend, I’m going to have to honor a promise I made to the little dudes and take them to Home Depot for more nails (if you can believe it. They used up all the ones I had in the garage.) and some plywood to shore up the cardboard walls they’re using now.

In case you were wondering, the cardboard walls didn’t hold up all that well during a recent rainstorm. Shocking, right?

Still, despite its haphazard nature, or perhaps because of it, I think this is great.

There are no adult plans at work. No adults doing work of any kind. Well, except for the fact that I fixed the rotten wooden ladder, two rungs of which broke when they climbed in after the latest rain. I mean, I don’t want them to be too unsafe up there.

This is just two little dudes letting loose with hammer, nail and saw. And a whole lot of imagination. And you know that’s going to turn out great.

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