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Star Trekking Into Darkness Isn’t The Only Way To Avoid Sun Exposure

You dudes see what I did there?

How I used a really cool film that’s coming out today to sort of talk about my actual topic? Not that I’m trolling for click bait or anything like that. It’s not like I’m mentioning sex or nudity or naked or something like that in the third sentence.


Anyway, let’s get the last of this sunscreen out of the bottle and onto the blog.

There is, according to the American Academy of Dermatology, a right way and a wrong way to apply sunscreen so you don’t get burned. Who knew?

I figured just slathering it on until you could slide down a grass-covered hill at full speed was the way to go. And the grass leaves would scrape off the excess. Of course, that left grease tracks in the steep hills and killed the grass, but hey. . . That’s just the way we roll. See what I did there? A punne, or play on words?

Let’s head on over to listen to the fine skin doctors at the American Academy of Dermatology before I speak another horrible punne and really deserve punishment.

We’ve already talked about how the sunscreen you should be using should have a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 30 and be broad spectrum to block out ultraviolet A and B rays (UVA and UVB). The next thing you need to know is that you’ve got to start slathering yourself up well before you head outdoors.

Apply sunscreen generously before going outdoors. It takes approximately 15 minutes for your skin to absorb the sunscreen and protect you. If you wait until you are in the sun to apply sunscreen, your skin is unprotected and can burn.

Which means you also need to make darn sure you cover every bit of exposed skin if you want the benefit of sunscreen. I mean, if you do most of the body and then leave, say, an unprotected stripe down the side of your torso where your arm would be if it weren’t in constant motion playing beach volleyball — just to pull an instance out of the air — it can really, really, really hurt.

Even worse, getting a severe sunburn can be bad news for future you. Damaging your skin with major doses of UVA and UVB can lead to more of a chance of skin cancer. Cover up. Get slathered. And make sure you use enough of the right kind of sunscreen.

Now watch this cool public service video. I’m sure it’s not corny at all.

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Sun Safety? That Starts Here, Not Back There

A couple days ago we started talking about how we need to get a move on to prepare for summer. How we dudes need to make sure we get through it relatively safely.

Well, it seems that managed to pop the Guide up on someone’s radar. Because of that, we’ve been hearing from the American Academy of Dermatology. They’re the skin doctors.

They’re also the ones who are most concerned that we don’t do now what we did back in the 1970s. That is, rub ourselves down with baby oil and then go lay out in the sun to turn brown, browner, crispy. That is a real story, dudes. A true story. My sister, Tia, was the one who did that. She’d get so brown she was almost a purple color by the end of the summer. How she managed to make sure her skin isn’t the consistency of fine, Corinthian leather by now I have no idea.

Anyway, the dudes and dudettes at the AAD were concerned that we hadn’t talked enough about the importance of sunscreen. Sure, we mentioned it, but what I didn’t say was that there apparently is a correct way to go about putting it on your body. And, by extension, a wrong way. Or, as I like to think of it, the way I do it.

Before we begin, though, here’s a cute little infographic about sunscreen. Because you really can’t have a good how-sunscreen infographicto without having a cute infographic. Apparently.

So, anyway, there it is.

In case you’re wondering, what they’re recommending is that you find an empty shot glass, which shouldn’t be that hard considering it’s coming up on summer. Fill the shot glass with sunscreen and then you know how much you should be applying to the exposed areas of your body.

But, I hear you asking because you’re too lazy to look to your right at the infographic, what kind of sunscreen should we buy?

If you didn’t know, and I’m assuming you didn’t, is that the AAD recommends you use a sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 30, one that is broad spectrum (it blocks ultraviolet A and B rays) and is water resistant.

Staying out in the sun for too long is one of the easiest ways for you to get some kind of skin cancer, including melanoma, which is the most aggressive form of skin cancer. You don’t want nothing to do with that bad momma.

Unfortunately, one in five Americans will be diagnosed with one form of skin cancer or another at some point in their lifetime.

Which means there’s still a four out of fie chance you won’t. I’m sure that putting on the right sunscreen certainly won’t hurt those chances.

And I. . .


I seem to be all out of room. I guess I’ll have to come back tomorrow to finish up the bit about sunscreen and the correct application of same.

See you then.

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Summer Safety Begins Here

Take it slow, dudes. Take it slow.

Really that’s the best advice I’ve got for you right now. And it all has to do with summer being so very close to us here in the United States.

Sure it’s still early May and, for most of us, it’s still relatively cool, not yet kicking up the sweat-soaked, walking in a warm pool of wet air feeling of summer, but that weather is coming. And we’re getting the first breakthrough bits of it right here and right now.

To get ready, you’re going to have to take it easy.

By that, I mean you’re going to need to move slowly as you reacquire habits that, at the end of summer last year, were second nature and very, very easy.

For instance, by the end of last summer, I surely remembered every day to wear a hat when I went out of the house. Not to keep off the rain, but to keep off the sun. Being bald, I have no hair to shade my poor, helpless scalp. If I didn’t wear a hat, I’d get sunburned badly. Again.

Sure I remembered at the end of summer, but at the start? Not a chance. I remember one summer, probably in late April, I went to one of Sarcasmo’s soccer games outside. It wasn’t that warm. I didn’t wear a hat. I got so sunburned, I couldn’t sleep on a pillow that night. I felt like I was burning up. And then, after the pain finally went away, the itching began. Horrible.

All because I hadn’t yet returned to the habit of wearing a hat outdoors.

It’s the same thing with, for instance, shorts. By the time summer took its leave last year, you were used to wearing shorts outside, had a sufficient tan that you didn’t need to slather on the sunblock every single time you went outside for more than 10 minutes?

Now, though? With those pasty white legs? Even that darker skin isn’t going to protect you as good as it did after a summer’s worth of sun. Start slow. Put on a lot of sunscreen when you wear shorts. Make sure to put it on the back of your knees, work it up under the end of the shorts so you don’t expose untreated skin when you sit down. Wear sunscreen on your arms, on your face and head.

Nobody wants skin cancer, but getting a sunburn a couple of times a year is a good way to get a nice crop of cancers started. It’s not a good thing, dudes. To avoid a lot of the risk, just be covered — either in sunscreen or UVA-blocking clothing.

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