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All In All, It Looks Like The Day Is Going To Be Super, Man

Yeah, that’s right, dudes.

You read the title correctly.

I made a punne, or play on words there. Because I’m so ready to see the Superman movie, Man of Steel. Seriously, I just can’t wait.

I know there’s going to be stuff in the movie that makes me want to tear out the few remaining hairs on my head, I know this. Still I can’t wait. I’ve read a few advance reviews and the amazing thing is that I think I’ll finally be getting something I’ve wanted from a Superman movie for a long time: Superman will be punching things with his fists.

He won’t be fighting a real-estate land grab. He won’t be a deadbeat dad. Or a stalker.

I am excited.

I also am at the theater. Which is why this is so short. In fact, why not go see the movie as well?

Come on, man. It’ll be super.

Wait, that didn’t work.

I . . . No, never mind. I’m out.

I’ll let you know what I think of the movie early next week. If you see it before then, stop by the comments and let me know what you thought of it. I really want to know.

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Liveblogging The Book Signing

Just talked to two lovely women who stopped by the table. They have grown kids, but thought the book might be a good gift for friends of the kids who are having babies. Yes, indeed, we will work with you to find a way for you to take this book home today. Although we might have to take the offer back to our manager.

We keep getting the strangest looks when we start talking to folks about the book. Maybe we should stop asking the ladies in walkers if they want a copy? Possibly.

Sale number two. According to the BN rep, we might be approaching a new record of some sort. They’ve never had this many people run screaming out the exit door.

And there he goes. Our first sale. Well, our first sale today.

Policemen don’t really appreciate a sense of humor.

Apparently there are “laws” against stealing signs and setting them up to block traffic. Something about “safety,” as if that matters when we’re trying to sell books.

Well here we are, dudes. Barry and I have sat down at the table in our Barnes and Noble bookseller at South Park Mall, 4020 Sharon Road in Charlotte, to start selling the book to anyone who walks in the door.

Already we’ve considered stealing a couple of WET FLOOR barricades and setting them up to funnel people through the door and past our table.

We’ll be liveblogging stuff as it happens, so check back frequently. Well, we will be doing that if the press of autograph-hungry readers ever lets up.

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Wheeeee! More Dudes On TVEEEEEEEE!

Wow! Could we get any less mature than that?

Well, actually, yeah. It wouldn’t be all that hard.

However, we’re going to pass on that opportunity for now.

Instead, let’s talk media and questions and interviews and all stuff like that.

Barry and I will be on television again at 8 am on Tuesday. We’re going to be guests on Charlotte’s Fox News Rising. It seems a bit more freewheeling than our last television interview.

We’re going in blind, but I have confidence that Barry and I can do well.

Join us, won’t you?

It’s channel 18 on the cable channel. Fox. Dudes. Check it out.

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