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Ten Rules For Success Not A Myth

Adam Savage is a dude who knows about which he speaks.

A special effects master, a Maker, a knowledgable sort-of scientist, an amazing television co-host of Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters, Savage is an all-round astonishingly good guy.

He spoke recently at a theatrical event for Makers, designers, engineers, eccentrics and anyone who wants to be around clearly odd folks like that in San Francisco. His topic was on how to succeed. Savage didn’t actually say succeed in what. But, after looking over the interesting assortment of suggestions he put forth, I’m thinking these ideas could apply just about anywhere.

I’m going to just run them here because, really, there’s not much I could add right now*. Thanks to boingboing.net, which originally ran the list.

1. Get good at something.
Really good. Get good at as many things as you can. Being good at one thing makes it easier to get good at other things.

2. Getting good at stuff takes practice.
Lots and lots of practice.

Everyone at the top of their field is obsessed with what they’re doing.

4. Doing something well and thoroughly is its OWN reward.

5. Show and Tell.
If you do something well and you’re happy with it, for FSM’s sake, tell EVERYONE.

6. If you want something, ASK.
If something piques your interest, tell someone. If you want to learn something, ask someone, like your BOSS. As an employer, I can tell you, people who want to learn new skills are people I want to keep employed.

7. Have GOALS.
Make up goals. Set goals. Regularly assess where you are and where you want to be in terms of them. This is a kind of prayer that works, and works well. Allow for the fact that things will NEVER turn out like you think they will, and you must be prepared to end up miles from where you intended.

8. Be nice. To EVERYONE.
Life is way too short to be an asshole. If you are an asshole, apologize.

9. FAIL.
You will fail. It’s one of our jobs in life. Keep failing. When you fail, admit it. When you don’t, don’t get cocky. ‘Cause you’re just about to fail again.

Work like your life depends on it…

*Which is not to say that I won’t find something to say in a a day or so, which I can almost guarantee will be the case. Check back tomorrow and see if I’ve recovered the power of voice by keyboard.

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Sunday Shriek: Quiet Riot Of The Living Dead

Sometimes, dudes. . . Sometimes there’s a person who has a stroke of genius and then shares it with the rest of us.

Come with me now, way, way back. Back to the dim, fondly remembered days of the 1980s. When men wore parachute pants and women thought shoulder pads and poofy hair made them look good.

And a seminal production of American cinema graced the local multiplex: The Return of the Living Dead. An astonishing horror comedy, with wonderfully bad practical special effects and a bit of an homage to the Romero Living Dead movies. It also introduced “bbbrrraaaaaaiiiinnnnsssss” to the lexicon.

Good stuff.

Go see if it you ever get the chance.

Or you can just watch below.

Where some wonderfully great dude put part of the movie together with the music from Quiet Riot, the one-hit wonder song that defined a year, Cum On Feel The Noize. We couldn’t spell in the ’80s either, apparently.

Anyway, take a look


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Your Weekend Zombie Theater

by Richard

With AMC’s The Walking Dead off the air between seasons, where’s a dude to go for his weekly zombie fix?

What do you mean, not everyone has to get a weekly fix? Zombies are the new black. They’re better than the sparkly vampire and they’re . . . everywhere.

Even on the — surprise, surprise — internet.

Today, for your viewing pleasure, I’ve grabbed a 17-minute short film called Spoiler, with a genuinely interesting premise. See, imagine the dead rose up and started devouring the living. Now, further imagine that the living actually fought back and overcame the sea of hungry dead surrounding them.

With that sort of thing in the background of a society, what would the current version of society look like? Something a bit . . . odd, I’m sure. In this film, we see a society that has adapted to making some genuinely horrific, but coldly logical, decisions. They’re the sorts of decisions that have to be made if the aim is to make sure zombies never again spread. We one once, could we do it again?

Give it a look. It’s less than twenty minutes and I think you’ll enjoy it. For a zombie movie, there’s very little in the way of blood (almost none) or special effects. Most of the horror is in the implications, which I thought was more than enough.

It’s some good stuff, dudes.

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