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A Night For Contemplation. . . And Fireworks

Well, we seem to have made it through another one.

Despite warnings of an immanent apocalypse, much more serious than the last such apocraphlypse and we really do mean it now so you’d better watch out, we’re still around here at the end of another year.

So long 2012, let’s all welcome in 2013.

I still, whenever I write those words, get a little tingle. I still remember growing up and thinking about life in the year 2000, and feeling like that was going to never happen. And, if it did, it would be vastly different from what we had back then.

Of course, with the exception of computers and smartphones and the ilk, not much has changed. We still don’t have flying cars or jet packs, but, even without them, the future is a pretty neat place in which to live.

I’ve never been one to try and come up with serious year-end resolutions and I’m not going to break that streak here.

Self improvement should come all during the year and not have to wait for the end of December before you get serious about trying to make yourself a better you.

Still. . .

Still. . .

Maybe the end of another year is a good time to take a look around. If we can use the rolling over of the Gregorian calendar year as a prod, sort of like how we use the beginning and end of daylight savings time to change batteries in smoke detectors, and take a look around to see if there’s anything we can do to make the world a better place.

Not that I’m suggesting you take the woes of the world onto your shoulders, not that I’m suggesting that it’s up to you to take care of our national obsession with owning and using guns, not that I’m suggesting that it’s up to you to find a way to curb the number of people drinking to excess and then trying to drive, not that I’m suggesting that it’s up to you to put an end to our government’s ruinous war on drugs. Or whatever else you see when you look around at the world.

But, maybe. . . Just maybe. . .

If we take it one person at a time, making the world around them a better place, we might actually start to accomplish something worthwhile.

It’s worth thinking about as we close the old calendar and prepare to open the new.

See you next year, dudes.

Let’s make it a better year than this one.

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A Field Of Waving Hands

by Richard

Where did all that enthusiasm go, dudes? Where did it go?

For those of who aren’t following this bit of blog religiously, a little update is in order. As part of the growing up and getting out initiative, I’ve gone out and gotten a new job outside the home.

I’m currently a Title I Tutor at a local elementary school. I’ve previously talked about what a great school it is, full of dedicated teachers who are giving these lucky kids a fantastic education.

What really struck me this last week, though, was the kids themselves. For the most part, whenever a teacher asks a question she’s answered by a forest of upraised hands, most of them waggling back and forth like a hyperactive dog’s tail after he’s just discovered coffee-dog biscuits.

Seriously, dudes, these kids really, really, really want the teacher to call on them. Heck, even kids who don’t know the answer to the question are raising their hands, sincerely hoping they will miraculously find the answer once the teacher calls their name.

Is it that these little dudes and dudettes want the teacher to validate them? Because, to the young, the teachers and other authority figures are important, nearly as important as pleasing those same figures?

Or is it that the kids want to be seen as smart? After all, this is an elementary school, well before those times when being seen as the smartest kid in the room is a detriment. Do they actually want to be seen as knowing the answers? Do they care?

I’m not sure. All I do know is that they do want to be called on. They do want to answer the question. No matter what the question was.

There’s certainly no shortage of persistence in those rooms. If the teacher calls on one kid, the hands go down slowly and reluctantly, simply biding their time until the next question is asked and the hand can shoot up once more. And the kid who just answered the last question? Her hand is back up there with all the rest.

That, dudes, is enthusiasm, no matter the reason behind it. It’s a familiar lament, but if we could only bottle that enthusiasm and sell it to the old and the tired. Anyone older than 17, in other words.

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Drunk Driving Costs

by Richard

Not only does drunk driving cost far too many lives, it also has a measurable and significant cost in dollars.

That’s right, dudes. Those guys who drink and get behind the wheel are costing you money, about $37 billion, that’s billion with a B in the front, a year.

Make sure you show this to the teenage dudes in your house. Being relatively young dudes, they’re even more prone than us older dudes to make incredibly stupid mistakes, all the while thinking they’re being smart. Drunk driving is one of the stupidest things you can do behind the wheel of a car, right up there with texting and driving. Do not make this mistake, because it’s a mistake that can kill or injure you, or worse, someone else.

Just take a look at the following infographic and tell me you think it’s all right to get behind the wheel after a few beers.

How to Save $37 Billion a Year
Brought to you by: CarInsurance.org

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