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Put A Little Love In Your Life

Yes, dudes, it’s Valentine’s Day. I sure hope you have already purchased/made/found the right gift for your loved one, the gift that says exactly how you feel and will be accurately understood as such.

And, yes, I also know that Valentine’s Day is a creepily commercial holiday designed to force people to spend unFSMly amounts of money on chocolate and flowers and cards and gifts and all that stuff just so they can say they love/like/don’t actively plot to kill someone.

So, yes, I did go out and buy stuff for She Who Must Be Made Aware Of My Undimmed Ardor. Yes, we did purchase cards to send to children, nephews, nieces, aunts, uncles, parents, step-parents and all like that.

Sure there should  be a boycott of the whole silly thing, but, brother, I ain’t the dude to lead that futile bit of fluff which will, ultimately, only make its leaders look like idiots.

Even with the commercial aspect of all this. . . You know what? I really don’t mind it.

You can and should tell your loved ones every single day that you do love them, that they mean the world to you and you would hardly be able to go on without them. Or words to that effect. That’s something that every right-thinking individual should do on a more-than-daily basis.

But that sometimes doesn’t happen. I think it’s nice that there’s a day set aside for love. A day designed (in theory) explicitly to make it easier to express the love we feel toward another person.

That and I love getting chocolates. So there’s that.

Of course, I think the whole thing has become overblown to an appalling extent, but that’s what happens with most things in America that stand a small chance of actually making some company somewhere some amount of money. More hoopla, more money. It’s the way it goes.

Which doesn’t mean it’s all wrong.

So, whether or not you’ve bought into the prevailing zeitgeist and purchased something big and expensive or simply took the time to walk up behind your loved one and wrap an arm around his/her shoulders and whisper that she/he is loved, enjoy it.

Realize that love, however and wherever you find it, is a rare and precious thing that should always be celebrated. Even if it means you have to dress in silk underwear with red hearts printed on it.

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A Moment Of Silence

by Richard

I work in an elementary school. I deal with these little dudes and dudettes every single day.

The horror of Newton, Connecticut, is almost overwhelming.

I’ve tried to write this post for most of the weekend and came up with nothing. Every time I try to gather my thoughts, they simply disappear into the well of despair the parents of Newton must be feeling.

Those kids were no older than 10 years old, most not even into double digits. It’s just not right.

No matter what was wrong with the shooter’s brain, no matter what might have led to this. . . It’s just plain evil. Those kids did nothing. Those teachers and parents did nothing.

And now they have to suffer.

And all we can do is watch, and wonder and hope that it never happens again. And, when it does, the whole cycle starts over again with a different group of parents in mourning and a different group of parents watching and wondering and hoping.

There will always be mental illness. There will always be people who are just plain wrong. But we can change things if we make it harder for these people to get at the weapons that make it so much easier to kill others. But that is for later.

For now, all I can do is sit still and sorry and be quietly relieved it didn’t happen here.

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Pay No Attention! Nothing To See Here!

by Richard

Linda wore two different pairs of shoes. They were the same style and both were dark-colored, but one was navy blue and one was black. And she didn’t notice it, despite a day of shoe shopping during which she looked at her shoes again and again.

No, Linda isn’t blind or anything like that. Her issue is she’s got, among other things, inattentive-type ADD. Here’s the thing: I’m not sure if this is something only reserved to people who have ADD, but I do know this kind of thing plays out in our house, and probably yours, almost every single day.

Tell me if this situation sounds familiar.

You want something taken upstairs by one of the young dudes in the house, maybe a book of theirs or some kind of notebook or clothing. So, to make sure they see it and get an inkling that you want them to take it upstairs to be put away, you set the item out on the stairs so they have to walk over it or around it every time they go upstairs or downstairs.

Now, to adults and those of you with neurotypical brain functioning, that seems like pretty much a no-brainer. To most teens or to dudes or dudettes with inattentive-type ADD? Not even close.

You: “Did you take that hamper upstairs?”

Him: “What hamper?”

You, exasperated: “That hamper! The one sitting on the stairs! You had to walk around it to get down here!”

Him: “I think you might be getting a little old. I didn’t see a hamper on the stairs.”

Does any of that sound the least bit familiar? I’m thinking it sounds too familiar.

And here’s the thing: They probably aren’t even lying or being lazy. They just didn’t notice. Even though they had to detour around it so they didn’t fall down the stairs.

That’s the way inattentive-type ADD and being a teenager works. Now try combining those two aspects. Yeah, not going to be fun is it?

And it can happen to anyone. Things just disappear into the background. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve set something out on the kitchen counter, knowing I’ll have to walk by it on my way out later that day, so I’ll remember it when I go by. Later in the day, I walk by it and completely miss the item because it’s blended into the background already in my head and doesn’t stand out. I just plain didn’t notice it.

An easy workaround I’ve come up with is, if I have to take something with me when I go out, I’ll go ahead and put it in my messenger bag or in the car as soon as I think about it. That way, when I forget about it when I leave, everything’s all cool because I’ve already got it with me. It’s something I’m trying to pass along to my young dudes and something maybe you might want to give to yours as well.

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