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Happy Birthday, Dad!

Okay, I lied.

It seems like I do have something important to say today.

I’m just stopping by for a quick shout out to my dad, my namesake and the big dude who taught me everything he knows — but not everything I know — about how to be a dad. Sometimes he did it by setting an example, and sometimes he did it by showing me what not to do.

Either way, I learned more from that man than I could have from a library full of books.

He taught me that if it was important to his son that he coach in sports, then he took the time off his job to be there for his son and coach whatever sport was in season. Dad coached me in tackle football, baseball, basketball, just about everything I ever wanted to play. When I made the school track team in shot put and discus and the mile relay, it was my dad who took me aside and showed me how to do it all.

He taught me that you didn’t have to go along with the herd, even if you wanted to achieve the same goal as it did. He’s a doctor, but he didn’t undergraduate major in anything science-y. He majored in English because he enjoyed it.

He’s also the man who showed me the value and the warmth of a real Hawaiian shirt with the wooden buttons. My wife, known to me as She Who Must Not Be Allowed Near My Closet With Anything Remotely Sharp, might not like them, but I love my Hawaiian shirt collection.

He’s also the man who brought home the first science fiction/fantasy book I remember reading. It was the middle book in a trilogy, but I was hooked for life. He set me on a path toward some exceedingly strange places, that I’m so very glad I found. He nurtured my love of reading and words and creating with them and I can’t thank him enough.

He’s also the man who helped shape my sense of humor. So, yeah, he’s the one you can blame.

Thanks, Dad, for being such a great mentor, teacher, coach and cheerleader all rolled up into one dad-sized package that kept pushing, prodding and questioning, all the while letting me know I was loved no matter what I did, as long as what I did made me happy.

Happy birthday!

Before I go, though, answer me one question: Who’s on first.

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Monday Shout Out: Television Interview

In what will surely be counted many years from now as one of the clearest signs of the impending apocalypse, Barry and I are going to be on television.

And we won’t be standing in front of a sign showing our height or holding a placard with our names and inmate numbers up in front of us.

We’re actually going to be interviewed by willing participants on Charlotte Today, the local station’s continuation of NBC’s Today Show. The interview will run on Monday March 18, sometime between 11 am and noon. If you’re interested, you can go to this link and click on the bit there that offers to let you watch it streaming live.

WCNC is on channel 36 if you’re picking up the signal over the air and on channels 6, 120 and 1120 on Time-Warner Cable. It’s also on channel 36 if you’re getting cable through AT&T U-verse like, apparently, me and about three other people in the entire metropolitan area.

Anyway, you’ll want to tune in if only to see whether or not Barry and I manage to avoid a complete train wreck of an interview. I have this feeling that Barry is in very real danger of sitting there, staring at the camera and not actually talking for the entirety of the interview.

I worry that I, on the other hand, will talk far too much. See, I’ve got this completely annoying habit of talking too much, trying to make really bad jokes and then laughing hilariously at my own bad jokes whenever I get nervous. Guess who’s nervous about the interview?

We’re going to be talking about, and I know this comes as a shock to a lot of you, our book: A Dude’s Guide to Babies, which should be out on bookshelves everywhere by Friday, March 22.

Yeah, we’re a bit excited about the whole thing. Give it a look, won’t you? If you’re in Charlotte, watch the tube. If not, we’re on the computer. As if you could get away from us that easily, just by leaving town.

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Sunday Shout Out: Hello, Kitty. Good-Bye, Kitty!

Just when you thought we’d run out of stories to show you about some young dude or dudette getting all scientificky on you, we’ve got you another one.

In this case, a 12-year-old girl and her dad decided it would be a good idea to send Hello, Kitty up into space. Now, mind you, I think it’s a pretty good idea to send all Hello Kittys into space on a one-way ride. This one, unfortunately, came back. And didn’t really go into space.

It did, however, go far enough up to see the curvature of the Earth and have the balloon on which it was hung explode from the lack of atmosphere.

That, dudes, is what we call awesome!

Check it out. Especially all the pink! That’s 12-year-old girls for you, though.


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