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Selling Out: Bowling Gear For The Left-Handed Dude

This is something new today, dudes. I was approached by a business website and they offered me a couple bills to run a story about bowling gear. Since I love bowling, I figured it was a win-win situation.

So, with that in mind, let’s get on with the sponsored content.

Choosing the Proper Equipment for Lefty Bowlers

 While there was a time when left-handed people would find it difficult to partake in the same activities as right-handed people simply for the reason that they could not find equipment that specifically addressed their needs, this is no longer the case. If you like bowling, for example, there is no reason whatsoever that you should not be able to enjoy your favorite pastime just because you are a lefty, as long as you get the right equipment.

 Bowling Ball

Bowling is fun.

Bowling balls come in a variety of different shapes and sizes so it is only normal that you will find them for left-handed people, as well. There is only a slight difference between these balls and regular ones as the holes are positioned differently. You need three holes for your thumb, ring finger and index finger in order to grip a ball correctly. The best recommendation here is to have your own custom ball which has been drilled to match your hand position exactly.

Bowling shoes

Bowling Shoes need to fit right.


It might sound weird that left-handed people would need different kinds of shoes. However, some players ascertain that lefties should use their left shoe to slide and their right shoe for traction when taking a shot. Since regular bowling shoes have the same kind of sole, they would require custom shoes in order to achieve a better performance.


Bowling gloves just look cool.A lot of pro players like to wear special gloves when bowling. Their texture provides more contact with the ball and allows the players to get a better grip. Oddly enough, these special gloves are not usually sold in pairs, so lefties would need to buy them only for their left hand.

Whenever you are looking for good bowling equipment such as cheap bowling bags, your needs can be met at bowlingbags.com, where you will find a large selection of quality products at affordable prices.

And there you have it, dudes and dudettes, our first sponsored post. Hope you enjoyed it.

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Pay No Attention! Nothing To See Here!

by Richard

Linda wore two different pairs of shoes. They were the same style and both were dark-colored, but one was navy blue and one was black. And she didn’t notice it, despite a day of shoe shopping during which she looked at her shoes again and again.

No, Linda isn’t blind or anything like that. Her issue is she’s got, among other things, inattentive-type ADD. Here’s the thing: I’m not sure if this is something only reserved to people who have ADD, but I do know this kind of thing plays out in our house, and probably yours, almost every single day.

Tell me if this situation sounds familiar.

You want something taken upstairs by one of the young dudes in the house, maybe a book of theirs or some kind of notebook or clothing. So, to make sure they see it and get an inkling that you want them to take it upstairs to be put away, you set the item out on the stairs so they have to walk over it or around it every time they go upstairs or downstairs.

Now, to adults and those of you with neurotypical brain functioning, that seems like pretty much a no-brainer. To most teens or to dudes or dudettes with inattentive-type ADD? Not even close.

You: “Did you take that hamper upstairs?”

Him: “What hamper?”

You, exasperated: “That hamper! The one sitting on the stairs! You had to walk around it to get down here!”

Him: “I think you might be getting a little old. I didn’t see a hamper on the stairs.”

Does any of that sound the least bit familiar? I’m thinking it sounds too familiar.

And here’s the thing: They probably aren’t even lying or being lazy. They just didn’t notice. Even though they had to detour around it so they didn’t fall down the stairs.

That’s the way inattentive-type ADD and being a teenager works. Now try combining those two aspects. Yeah, not going to be fun is it?

And it can happen to anyone. Things just disappear into the background. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve set something out on the kitchen counter, knowing I’ll have to walk by it on my way out later that day, so I’ll remember it when I go by. Later in the day, I walk by it and completely miss the item because it’s blended into the background already in my head and doesn’t stand out. I just plain didn’t notice it.

An easy workaround I’ve come up with is, if I have to take something with me when I go out, I’ll go ahead and put it in my messenger bag or in the car as soon as I think about it. That way, when I forget about it when I leave, everything’s all cool because I’ve already got it with me. It’s something I’m trying to pass along to my young dudes and something maybe you might want to give to yours as well.

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You Can’t Skateboard In Cowboy Boots

by Richard

So it seems that time has worked its magic once again. The cowboy dude in our house is now a sk8 punk.

Last year, Zippy the Monkey Boy was all about the cowboy look. He clomped around in cowboy boots, wore the checkered shirts, lusted in his heart for a cool Stetson hat and had a noticeably thicker Southern accent. Ah, but time, as is its wont, passed. Our middle little dude is no longer a son of the South, a rider upon the range.

Now, Zippy the Monkey Boy is, and has always been, a sk8 punk. He’s into his new skateboard Santa brought for Christmas and has encased his feet in Vans (the sneaker preferred by sk8 punx in all the fashionable half pipes) and is wearing hoodies and stretchy, woolen hats.

The only thing that hasn’t changed is his close-cropped hair. I’m laying odds that he’ll start growing it out again pretty soon as you don’t see many sk8 punx with short hair.

The funny thing is he says he hasn’t changed. According to Zippy the Monkey Boy, he’s always been this way. He’s always liked skateboards and he still loves his cowboy boots. It’s just that his feet have grown so much there’s no more room for them in the boots. This despite the fact that all his other shoes still fit perfectly.

Actually it’s sort of fun to watch this sort of thing going on.

As (so called) adults, we dudes are already pretty much set in who we are. We have a version of ourselves living in our heads and that’s pretty much who we are no matter how much older we get.

As young dudes, though, Zippy the Monkey Boy and his fellow no-brainers are struggling to find out who they really are. Their in-head version of themselves is constantly changing and their outsides must keep pace with their insides. Sometimes this frantic change can be quite visible, such as trading cowboy for sk8 punk.

While it might be amusing to some dudes (not me, of course, as I always respect the change through which people go and would never make fun of them), this sort of personality try out is of supreme importance to those growing dudes. Trying out new styles and new personalities is how they discover who they truly want to become.

I’ve just got to be supportive and hope Zippy the Monkey Boy’s inner version of himself doesn’t suddenly discover a yen to become a goth as I’m not sure I want to start sharing all my black eyeliner.

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