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Charlotte Parent: Road Rage

I always wondered why passengers in my car seemed scared of me even weeks after I drove them somewhere.

I knew it wasn’t the driving. I was and am a relatively good driver. I mean, people trust their kids with me in the car. Well, they do now.

No, it turns out, the reason I scared dudes was my constant screaming at the other drivers. I could have been the model for road rage. An interesting lesson that I’m discussing at our other home today.

Yep, it’s Tuesday.

Which means, or at least has meant for the last couple of months, that I’m over at Charlotte Parent, blogging under our Stay-At-Home Dudes column.

Go check us out. We’ll be back tomorrow.

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If You Can Read This, I’m Gonna Kick Your @$$!

I never knew I was this dangerous. According to a recent study from a researcher at Colorado State University, people who personalize their cars with bumper stickers or personalized license plates are more likely to be the sort of person who’ll run your butt off the road just for looking at him wrong.

Supposedly, this researcher found that people who will decorate their cars tend to be extremely territorial and are the type who will honk at you if you’re a microsecond slow at a green light or will follow you for 17 miles if you cut him off on the freeway. Oddly enough, it doesn’t seem to matter if the bumper sticker is a nice, friendly one (visualize whirled peas) or an aggressive one (My kid beat up your honor student). Either way, a bumper sticker means you’ve got an aggressive drive on your hands.

The researcher found that drivers who don’t personalize their cars also get angry, but they don’t act out. They mutter to themselves and move on.

This sounds like a call to action, dudes. If you’ve got bumper stickers on your car (and I know I do), maybe we should all be extra careful as we drive. Let’s keep our blood pressure down and the roads more tranquil.

Or else.

— Richard

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