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Sunday Skills: How To Do The Moonwalk

by Richard

You dudes aren’t going to find much in the way of dancing instruction around here. Well, unless you need instruction in how to do the White Boy Shuffle.

(There’s two versions of that. In version one you are standing, facing your partner. You move your feet slightly on the floor, making sure to never actually lift them up off the floor. You dip your buttocks slightly toward the ground. Bend your arms at the elbow and move them from side to side. Version two involves you sitting in a chair and tapping your fingers to a vague approximation of the beat.)

However, I’ve been doing a bit of thinking lately about the moonwalk, the dance step made popular by the late Michael Jackson. Done right, it’s still a pretty cool dance move. Done wrong, it makes the White Boy Shuffle look good.


As in all cases where I need to know something new, I turned to that vast repository of all human knowledge, ethos and civility; the internet. This time it worked. Here, then, for your amusement and edification, how to do the moonwalk.

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Okay, This Is Weird

by Richard

With high-school graduation coming up with all the subtlety of a rampaging gorilla (and just about as good a smell), we’re trying to get the house reading for the predicted swarm of relatives and other assorted guests. And that means it’s time to give the house a good cleaning out.

I don’t have a problem with this. Of course, I’m the person with the least amount of stuff hanging around the house and in my room. The problem comes from the young dudes, who seem to view their rooms as sacrosanct garbage dumps, a repository of their amazingness for future ages to come.

We’re basically having to use the equivalent of whips and chains to get them to clean anything. That includes their closets. That’s where things are really getting sort of scary. Just yesterday, we went through our oldest young dudes’s (Sarcasmo’s) closet and found enough clothing in there he never wears to outfit most any three young dudes. We found a number of shirts, shirts he’d clamored for, still hanging in his closet with the purchase tags from the stores still on them.

Our thought was this, if he didn’t wear it, it had to go. Which means there’s a huge pile of shirts now that are probably going to Goodwill. I say probably because, and this is the strange part, I have a feeling a few of them are going to end up in my closet.

Yeah. My son is throwing out shirts he doesn’t want or that don’t fit him and I’m going to be taking some of them. No, you didn’t read that wrong. No, it’s not the wrong way around. I’m taking shirts that no longer fit him.

Aren’t these sorts of things supposed to go the other way around? I’m pretty sure they are. I recall sneaking shirts out of my dad’s closet for my use. It’s a good thing that, while I’m shorter, I’ll always be meaner and sneakier. I guess this is what I get for being the shortest dude in the house, not counting Hyper Lad because he’s only 11. Of course, this will probably start happening with him one he hits puberty.

Yet another sign that, not only is time passing, but it’s hitting me in the head with a heavy stick as it goes past.

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Tweet Your Face Off

by Richard

Just in case you’re stopping by here and you thought — to yourself — “Dude, I’d love to read more about this kind of stuff, but, really who has the time? What with all the secret trips to the moon and defending humanity from extradimensional incursions of thought beasts from beyond the stars? And stuff?”

Well, maybe not that. Maybe that’s just me.

I do, however, have a solution for you dudes.

You can check us out, not only here at your beloved repository of all things father-y and snarky, but you can also find us on the Twitter and the Facebook. You know, the stuff all the kids are talking about.

On the Twitter, you can find my feed by looking for rjones64 (Yes, I know, highly original and very descriptive. What can I say? I got on early and didn’t think I’d have to keep that moniker for all that long. I was convinced the Twitter was going down the tubes in a matter of months. So much for my fearless prognosticating.). You can tell it’s me by the picture. Yeah, that’s me doing my best impression of an Easter Island head. What? I’ve got issues.

On the Facebook, you can find our page for A Dude’s Guide just by searching us out by name. The name of the site — A Dude’s Guide — that is. Or just, you know, by clicking that link there. Go there and like us. Who knows? There might be something in it for you.*

And, as always, if you’re enjoying the writing here, but you’d like to read more from me where I’m just totally making things up, — as opposed to the strict truthiness here — you can always head over to my fiction-based website.

Finally, if you’re at all interested in giving me money (and, really, who wouldn’t want to do that? [Other than most people on the planet. But I’ve always said you were special]), you can find my business website for Web Words, an internet-based content-generation consulting service, just by clicking on the link there.

Who says we don’t offer far too many ways to waste time on the internet, just for your pleasure? No, really. Who says that?

*probably not

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