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Summer Safety Begins Here

Take it slow, dudes. Take it slow.

Really that’s the best advice I’ve got for you right now. And it all has to do with summer being so very close to us here in the United States.

Sure it’s still early May and, for most of us, it’s still relatively cool, not yet kicking up the sweat-soaked, walking in a warm pool of wet air feeling of summer, but that weather is coming. And we’re getting the first breakthrough bits of it right here and right now.

To get ready, you’re going to have to take it easy.

By that, I mean you’re going to need to move slowly as you reacquire habits that, at the end of summer last year, were second nature and very, very easy.

For instance, by the end of last summer, I surely remembered every day to wear a hat when I went out of the house. Not to keep off the rain, but to keep off the sun. Being bald, I have no hair to shade my poor, helpless scalp. If I didn’t wear a hat, I’d get sunburned badly. Again.

Sure I remembered at the end of summer, but at the start? Not a chance. I remember one summer, probably in late April, I went to one of Sarcasmo’s soccer games outside. It wasn’t that warm. I didn’t wear a hat. I got so sunburned, I couldn’t sleep on a pillow that night. I felt like I was burning up. And then, after the pain finally went away, the itching began. Horrible.

All because I hadn’t yet returned to the habit of wearing a hat outdoors.

It’s the same thing with, for instance, shorts. By the time summer took its leave last year, you were used to wearing shorts outside, had a sufficient tan that you didn’t need to slather on the sunblock every single time you went outside for more than 10 minutes?

Now, though? With those pasty white legs? Even that darker skin isn’t going to protect you as good as it did after a summer’s worth of sun. Start slow. Put on a lot of sunscreen when you wear shorts. Make sure to put it on the back of your knees, work it up under the end of the shorts so you don’t expose untreated skin when you sit down. Wear sunscreen on your arms, on your face and head.

Nobody wants skin cancer, but getting a sunburn a couple of times a year is a good way to get a nice crop of cancers started. It’s not a good thing, dudes. To avoid a lot of the risk, just be covered — either in sunscreen or UVA-blocking clothing.

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by Richard

You dudes ever wonder why it is that we always equate freedom with the idea of flying? No, seriously. I was wondering about that today and thought I’d maybe put it to you dudes.

I mean, freedom, at its most basic level, means you can go where you want to go and do it when you want to do it. So, walking should be just as freeing as flying. However walking is seen as (sorry) pedestrian (even that word for someone who walks is indicative of something common and unworthy of respect), even though its something most of us can do and will take us where we want to go.

Instead, if you’re talking freedom, you’re talking flying. I mean, look at free as a bird. Just because birds can fly, they’re seen as being free to go wherever and whenever  they want, giving no thought to being grounded from rain or wind or falling from the sky because you’re tired or the wrong feather dropped out of the wing.

I do understand, in a way. We as humans are stuck on the ground and we can only move at a slow-ish pace, especially as compared to the birds. They can go straight as the crow flies, while we have to follow along on the ground, navigating obstacles like a rat in a maze.

Walking offers us freedom. It just takes a while to get there.

Maybe it’s the fact that we can’t fly. Not by ourselves. Because it’s something we can’t do, we don’t have the freedom to fly when we want. So, therefore, flying itself comes to represent freedom.

It doesn’t seem right, but it does seem to be deeply ingrained in the psyche of almost every human I’ve ever met or heard about. Think about your happiest dreams, the ones from which you never want to wake, the ones from which you do eventually get dragged from and find yourself surfacing with a smile.

I don’t know about you, but, for me, those are the dreams in which I fly. And I am free.

“In our dreams we are able to fly — and that is a remembering of how we were meant to be.” — Madeleine L’Engle

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