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He’s a baller, is Hyper Lad.

One of the reasons we originally sent Zippy the College Boy to a private school for kids with learning disabilities was, in addition to the fact that he had a learning disability, the school also gave him the opportunity to play sports for the school.

Their mom and I are huge believers in the healing power of sport. We believe that being on a team, learning that you can count on your teammates, just like they need to be able to count on you, is a tremendously uplifting experience.

Young dudes who play sports, especially for their school, show an amazing increase in earned self confidence and a better self image. Those things combined are tremendous helps to any kid, not to mention even more vastly important for kids with learning disabilities.

But enough high-flown rhetoric. I’m really excited that I get to see a second son play basketball for his school. Yeah, Hyper Lad, who started off the year proclaiming he would never play a team sport (and doesn’t that sound familiar) is now a member of the Falcons’ JV basketball team.

And tonight is his first game.

I’m especially excited because this is the first time I’ll be able to watch him play basketball without also being his coach. See, coaches and their children, be they dudes or dudettes, have a different sort of relationship than does the rest of the team.

Most parent-coaches have a difficult time working their way through the minefield of playing time, positioning and all that sort of stuff with their kid. Will the other parents get mad if your child plays an important position? If he has a bad game there, but stays? Are you being unfairly critical to your child? Are you letting her off too easily?

It’s a touchy proposition at best. Which makes this game tonight so much fun for me.

I get to sit in the stands and be an unabashed cheer section for my son and, somewhat at a lesser volume, the rest of the team. All I have to worry about is if I have a good seat so I can see all the action.

Even better, Hyper Lad is excited about this game as well. He was worried that he’d be on the varsity team. See, he knew that he wasn’t as good as the varsity players and knew that, if he were on the team, he wouldn’t get nearly as much playing time as they did.

On the JV, he’s going to get more playing time and, thus, more opportunity to improve his game to the point where he will get the time on the floor no matter what team he’s on. He just wants to play.

I just want to cheer.

Sounds like a match made in basketball heaven.

Although, positing that basketball heaven exists does make me wonder: What makes a basketball a good ball, and where do the bad balls go? Doggie heaven to serve as chew toys?

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I Know I Put That Apple Around Here Someplace

It’s early, but it’s happening. Although the young dudes and dudettes in the public schools won’t be starting their first-of-the-year trudge to the bus stop until Monday, Hyper Lad is at his first full day of school today.

He’s starting at The Falcon School, a k-12 private school for kids with learning disabilities. It’s the same school from which his older brother, Zippy the College Boy, graduated high school.

Our oldest little dude, Sarcasmo, who’s not anyone’s definition of little any more, graduated from the public high school. It was, and I say this with a touch of understatement, huge. Many buildings on a very large campus. Trudging back and forth between classes. Despite his size, it was easy for Sarcasmo to get lost at his high school.

Because he was quiet during school, he also began to slip between the cracks socially as well. That combination didn’t make for a very good high-school experience for the guy.

At Falcon, Zippy the College Boy stood out in his very small, maybe at-most, 10-student classes. The teachers knew him. They knew his issues and they knew how best to motivate him. No matter where he went in that school, he stood out because everyone stood out.

Because the issues that Sarcasmo was dealing with weren’t more noticeable, he didn’t get many accommodations at his high school, even though he needed them. At Falcon, the entire school is an accommodation.

The teachers at Falcon take a success-first look at every single student. That is, they find where that student can succeed and then work from there, moving forward, finding ways that each student can learn, no matter what obstacle stands in his or her way. It is a fantastic scenario and makes for a great learning experience.

Hyper Lad took a good, long look at the experience both his brothers had, and ended up believing that he’d rather have Zippy the College Boy’s experience. Good choice.

He’s actually pretty ecstatic about starting at Falcon. See, even though today is his first full day of school, he actually had school yesterday, almost a full week ahead of his former classmates, but he didn’t care. Because yesterday was a half day and he’s never had one of those before.

Hyper Lad was able to attend school and then leave just after noon. A new experience and one he’s looking forward to having more often.

Which means it’s quiet around the house again. And the youngest has just embarked on yet another new experience, turning the page on yet another chapter of his life.

In other words, he’s growing up.

Maybe I should think about doing the same.

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School’s Out

by Richard

School’s out for summer!

I’ll pause here to allow the cheers and screams and sheer undulations of joy to subside from the young dude peanut gallery that’s now got far too much time on its hands.

All done? Good.

Anyway, it’s an odd last day of school here at Casa de Dude. Sarcasmo bounced back from college during the first semester of last year, so he’s been out of school. Zippy the Monkey Boy went to a private school and had all A’s in his classes so didn’t have to study for or take final exams so he’s been out for several weeks and only had to go back to school last week to graduate.

It’s only Hyper Lad who’s counting today as the official first day of summer. The price we pay for allowing them to get older, I guess.

I still say we should dip them in amber sometime around six or so. That way, they never have to get into that cynical or sarcastic phase in which all parents are idiots and the world stinks. And we never have to deal with pre-puberty and puberty mood swings.

Unfortunately, every time I bring that up, people start looking at me strange and I get a visit from child protective services.


It’s been difficult to keep Hyper Lad on task these last couple of weeks, what with his brothers home and not doing any sort of school. He is seriously ticked off that he can’t stay up late and sleep late and not go to school. Not that I blame him, of course. I mean, since his End of Grade tests have ended a couple of weeks back, he’s been doing — essentially — nothing of value in school.

Still, it’s something all school-age dudes have to suffer through.

Now it’s all over. School’s out for the summer, so no more eight hours of school each day, and the young dudes get to stay home all the time.

Which is something all parent-age dudes have to suffer through.

Even with a house full of young dudes, all filled to the brim with a horrible concoction of hormones and energy, there still is something worthwhile to cling to: only a little over two months until school starts again.

Nah. Just kidding. I love having them home. I don’t have to harangue anyone about homework or tests or projects or getting up on time to get to school.

And I get a little more face time, another vanishingly small unit of time before they’re out of the house (hopefully) for good.

So school’s out and it’s time for fun.

Well, they get to have fun. For parents, it’s just more of the same. Only hotter. With more kids underfoot.

Don’t trip.

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