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Touchy Feely

What is it about pregnant women that makes most of us feel like we have the right to just come up to them and start rubbing on their bellies?

No, seriously.

I saw something like that the other day and it got me started thinking about it. I was in the library when a very, very pregnant woman came inside near where I was sitting. She greeted another woman, but you could tell from their stances that they weren’t actually close friends. There was a definite, visible reserve there.

The non-pregnant woman then pulled her youngish dude (maybe six or seven years old) over to them and just thrust his hand onto the pregnant lady’s belly. She was shocked. Her eyes widened and her mouth fell open a bit, but the non-pregnant mom and her son were completely oblivious to the pregnant woman’s distress. They then said good-bye and moved on.

The pregnant woman just stood there for a little while before shaking her head and moving on.

From experience, being around a pregnant woman for a long, long time on three separate occasions, I’ve seen this happen again and again. People would walk up to She Who Must Be Given Her Space and, with the barest of pauses to get any kind of permission, start fondling her belly.

Is a pregnant woman’s belly community property or something?

I really don’t think so. But there’s something in our culture that says pregnant women get to endure this unique form of annoyance.

I know it’s a wonderful thing, a wanted pregnancy that’s going to produce a wanted, loved child. Many pregnant woman do have almost a glow about them from their healthy bodies and their excitement about the growing life (when they’re not suffering from hemorrhoids or swollen ankles) and most people do want to share in that kind of joy. It makes us feel good.

But, seriously, dudes and (mostly) dudettes. Don’t just automatically assume that a pregnant woman wants you to feel up her belly, just because she’s showing. And if you just can’t help yourself, ask for permission first and actually — I know this is a bit out there, but go with me here on this one — wait for permission before you get all touchy feely.

I know I’m not talking to the dudes out there all that much on this one, because we’ve been pretty much conditioned against just randomly touching people we meet in the street. Still, I’d like to see a little thought here, folks. It actually is her pregnancy, not ours.

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A Rounded Canvas

by Richard

There I was, getting all hot and bothered, feeling the steam pouring out my ears. I was mad. I was getting ready to come on here and start blasting a certain social networking site over its infantile and untenable policy of banning pictures of women who are breastfeeding their children, or even pregnant women who’ve had body paint applied.

I had some good stuff, too.

But I got sidetracked. (I know. Imagine that. Me sidetracked. Tangential? What’s that?) I got sidetracked doing some research for the piece. (Again. I know. Who would have ever thought I was the sort of dude to do research? Well, let me tell you something, dude, I do a lot of research. I research a ton of stuff, as long as it will keep me from doing the work I’m supposed to be doing.)

What happened was that I went to a site of a person who does body painting for pregnant females who want to capture a unique look into a very special time in their lives. And it was magnificent.

This, dudes, is art. I don’t care it’s stuff drawn on a nekkid woman. I’m telling you, it’s art on par with most anything hanging in your local museum, and the fact that the canvas is the skin of a pregnant woman only makes it more amazing. The photographs and the paintings are by artist/photographer Vanessa Wayne in the UK. She’s amazingly good. I mean, take a look.

See? There’s the image of a baby giraffe nuzzling his/her mother and it’s on the distended, pregnant belly of a woman who’s also holding inside her a brand-new life. That’s art.

Of course, Ms. Wayne also offers some pictures with an amazing sense of fun. And even some pictures that are perfectly timed for various holidays.

With Ma in her kerchief and I in my cap. . .
Not sure this would make it through sleeping the night before, but it's a fun Christmas memory.

Not sure I’d recommend that every pregnant couple do this sort of thing, but I think you all might like to at least consider it. One of my absolute favorite pictures of my wife, known to me as She Who Must Be Given Preferential Screening At Airports (Don’t Ask), is the one she took while many months pregnant.

It’s a glorious shot. Her long auburn hair cascades down over her shoulder, leading the eye over her rounded belly. Her eyes gaze in adoration at the baby-to-be locked within. The sense of love and connectedness is palpable. It’s a picture and memory I’ll always treasure. If only we’d heard of this body painting stuff back then.

Of course, I probably would have spoiled it by trying to have her put a cartoon character or something like that on her belly.

This, dudes, is art. So why won’t that certain social networking site, the name of which I can’t mention, (Don’t ask. It’s boring.)  put this sort of stuff up on it’s pages? Darn good question.


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