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Argh! It’s Back To The Salt Mines

by Richard

I’m so sorry, dudes. I’m on another tight deadline for the book, A Dude’s Guide to Babieswhich will be on sale in the first quarter of next year. Mark your calendars now.

Anyway, I’m trying to push out the last few pages of the precious tome, so I’ve not got a lot of time for you dudes.

And I want to give you all the time you need, of course. No skimping here. If I can’t give you my full attention, I’m not going to give you any attention at all.

I. . . You know, that didn’t actually come out as nice on pixel as it did in my brain. Sorry about that.

Anyway, I’ll be back tomorrow. No matter what.

See you then.

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No News Is. . . Par For The Course, Apparently

by Richard

I feel so. . . odd. And maybe a little ashamed.

For the first time since the five-year interregnum during college, I’m actually facing every morning without a newspaper. This, dudes, feels very, very odd.

I grew up with a newspaper in the house. Heck, in Dallas, we grew up with two of them every day, the Dallas Morning News and the Dallas Times-Herald. And we managed to actually read both of them. Of course, at the age I was most of the time, most of the time what I was reading was the comics section. In Dallas, that meant a morning paper full of comics and an afternoon paper full of different comics. That was great.

Anyway. Once I graduated college, I worked as a newspaper reporter. I had to subscribe to the paper. And after that, it just became habit to shell out the money every three months or so.

After a while, I found myself in a rut and was back to only reading the comics. Mostly because whenever I read anything about politics I started getting really angry and that certainly isn’t good for my heart.

Now, with stuff going on here at Casa de Dude, stuff that requires some belt tightening on all our parts, I found that I could no longer justify the paper.

Sure, I’ve got the CNN ap and the ap for the local newspaper, the Charlotte Observer on my phone, but it just doesn’t feel the same. I miss the feel of the paper, the ink rubbing off on my fingers and the way our town’s idiots kept sounding off with volume and regularity in the editorial pages.

I’m still mostly getting the same amount of news, but it’s from different sources, rather than just the one paper. I think what I mostly miss is the feeling of the paper. Maybe it reminded me of the years when I was younger, employed by the vicious liberal media and out there ruining the world at the behest of my communist masters.

Time to move on, though. Drop the paper and pick up the pixel, if you will.

It really is a new century. Perhaps it’s time for us to do old things in a new way.

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Outside Of A Dog

by Richard

There are very few things on this planet I love to do more than sit down, crack open a new book (pixel or paper) and then lose myself deep inside the world of the author’s imagination that has been chained to the page to set me free through words. *sigh* It even causes me to get all poetic, like.

Reason I’m getting into all that with you dudes, is to let you know about a new event we’re going to be having here in the United States that’s trying to make sure more people read for pleasure.

A little background: study after study has shown that people who read for pleasure have a better vocabulary and a better vocabulary is associated with increased success at work, higher salary and a person being better thought of. In addition, younger people who read for fun are more likely to succeed in school and more likely to develop the attitude that reading to learn is a good thing and not something to be avoided.

And, like I said, reading can be a heck of a lot of fun.

One of those things I mentioned that I like better than reading a book? It’s the look on someone’s face when I find just the right book for them and they suddenly realize that reading doesn’t have to be drudgery. It can be something you look forward to doing.

I’m not alone in that enjoyment. In fact, a lot of people seem to like that feeling. Which sort of goes a long way toward explaining World Book Night, set for April 23, 2012 (fittingly, just the day before Sarcasmo’s birthday. Sarcasmo who’s more than a voracious reader). This is a fantastic event.

World Book Night is an annual celebration designed to spread a love of reading and books. To be held in the U.S. as well as the U.K. and Ireland on April 23, 2012. It will see tens of thousands of people go out into their communities to spread the joy and love of reading by giving out free World Book Night paperbacks.

World Book Night, through social media and traditional publicity, will also promote the value of reading, of printed books, and of bookstores and libraries to everyone year-round. Successfully launched in the U.K. in 2011, World Book Night will also be celebrated in the U.S. in 2012, with news of more countries to come in future years. 

Note up there it says that people will be giving away World Book Night paperbacks? Yeah, well I don’t think that’s enough. Especially considering that I was too late in signing up to get any of the books.

I’m going to launch a guerrilla action, giving away paperback books to random people in the street. You heard me, I’m going to play Word Santa, giving the joy of reading to whoever I see on April 23. That’s not a lot of time to get ready, so I’d better start searching through the voluminous Jones archives for something everyone will love. Gotta get crackin’.

Oh, yeah. The headline. That’s the start to a great joke about reading by Groucho Marx: “Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read.”

Lotta truth there. No question about it.

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