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Play That Funky Music

I was a child of the ’70s. That was the decade that saw the birth and (blessed) death of disco. Insipid power balads and a string of bad Rolling Stones albums. When I was growing up, the other kids around me were listening to the Pointer Sisters, Kiss and everything in between. I, however, was stuck a couple of decades back and a few blocks over.

My parents used to love playing music in the house, on a record player or an honest-to-goodness reel-to-reel player. They loved Motown, the mid-sixties sound, the Eagles, Pink Floyd, and a whole host of singer-songwriters such as Billy Joel, Jimmy Buffett and Elton John. Musically, I was the odd kid out. And, once I graduated high school and went off to college, I basically left behind music that wasn’t played by someone else at a party.

I bought a few CDs over the years, but it wasn’t until I got my first iPod that I really got back into music. Since then, I’ve been buying CDs of music from long ago, music from bands I’ve never heard of, music of my youth and music from my parents’ youth. Then I hooked my computer up to my home stereo system and let the music play. Now there’s hardly a moment of the day that goes by without music. It’s a lot of fun.

Now, (to quote Bill Cosby) I told you that story to tell you this one. We’ve got an iPod clock radio in our bathroom to listen to music in the shower. My youngest son was showering. But only after he spent about five minutes picking out the music he wanted to hear. The Eagles, and he was singing along. To a group that had disbanded decades before he was born. My middle son and I share an abiding love of AC/DC, while my oldest son and I have been discovering new music together, like Eminem and Green Day.

Dude! music, it’s a great bonding experience between a real Dude! and his kids.

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Dude! Watch Out For The Bewitching Hour

I was at Richard’s house today for the Super Bowl. We left at the end of Q1 about 7 pm. The other guests asked why we were leaving. We told them that we were upon the kids “Bewitching Hour”. (Actually it’s like 1.5- 2 hours)What is the Bewitching Hour you ask? Well we learned the VERY hard way that when our kids get tired they transform from cute, sweet, caring and friendly into… Not so cute, sweet, caring and friendly creatures. It’s not their fault or our fault as parents; they are just tired kids.

We can’t stop this transformation or control it. BUT we can control the environment and conditions that this happens in. So we took them home (one fell asleep immediately in the car). It took only of 15 minutes to get them to bed. So we actually took a negative and turned it into a positive 🙂

We have learned about the Bewitching Hour and have learned how to control it. Now we impart this to you Dude. Use this knowledge wisely and often.
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