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by Richard

The thing you have to understand about Las Vegas. . . The one thing you really have to understand about this place of sin, debauchery and fun here in the deserts of Nevada is this, dudes.

If there is a thing that’s worth doing. It’s worth overdoing.

And overdoing again.

And overdoing yet again. I’m telling you dudes, this place is absolutely outrageous. On those few occasions when I could pry my friends out of the Caesar’s Casino Sports Book, I was able to go slouching around in the original American city of sin. We all decided that, all things being equal, there’s only one job that could be labeled as the absolute worst here in Las Vegas. That would be the person who has to change the burned-out lightbulbs on the signs in this city.

The crazy thing is this: The city has actually switched to those swirly eco bulbs to save energy. Yes, save energy. On the approximately seven hundred thousand jillion lightbulbs currently burning every night and most days here. Well, at least there would be some job security.

That is one very, very busy dude. That’s a job worth overdoing. And he’d have to be overdoing it. Welcome to Las Vegas.

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In The Land Of The Armless, The One-Armed Man Is King

by Richard

To quote Mel Brooks, “It’s good to be the king.” Or at least it would be if I really were in the land of the armless. Unfortunately, I’m in the normal land here where most everybody has two arms, two hands and can actually get stuff done.

Yep, you guessed right. It’s time for a whine-fest.

It’s been almost two weeks since I had my shoulder operated on and I’m already getting very, very, very tired of walking around with one arm in a sling, strapped to my body. My right arm is basically useless. I’ve been told I can’t even hold things with my right hand because I don’t want to strain the newly repaired muscles and tendons in my shoulder.

I never realized how much I actually do during the day until I couldn’t do any of those things.

I have to get help from my young dudes to tie my shoes. Zipping up is a monumental task. Putting on deodorant requires a few acts of contortions that would strain the credulity of India rubber men at the freak show. I can’t even wash dishes.

See, the thing is I know I have ADD. I can’t sit and do just one thing. If I’m watching TV, I’ll also need to read a book at the same time because I can’t just watch. During most evenings, I will be doing stuff in the kitchen while also keeping an eye on the TV or something similar. Now I can’t.

TV, by itself, is just so boring.

Sitting at the keyboard to write is a chore now. I have to type so very slowly. By the time my fingers have hunted-and-pecked their way to being even with my brain, my brain has moved on and forgotten what I was writing about in the. . .

Still, I can’t get too annoyed. I know I will get the use of my right arm back. Eventually. I’m a lot luckier than a lot of people who are learning to adjust to life with only one arm.

Still. . .

Still. . .

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What Do We Have Here?

by Richard

I, like most dudes, am not really all that comfortable in the kitchen. Unless I have a menu planned out, recipes to follow and a grocery list with every single thing I’m going to need written down, I get more than a little nervous about cooking dinner for the family.

The fact that I have to do it every night only makes things worse.

Admittedly, every man has a few dishes he can cook without even thinking about it. Sure, most of them involve toast at some point (and possibly the only point) in the meal, but it’s not all bad. There are lots of recipe books that have quick, easy recipes for food or even long, insanely detailed recipes for delicious food. Sometimes you can even get both, but don’t count on it.

The one thing all these recipes have in common, however, is that you’ll have to pick out what you want to cook first, then make a survey of the pantry to see what you have and then make a grocery list to buy what you don’t have. That can take some time.

But not any more. I’ve found this great site that I heartily recommend to you. It’s called Supercook.com and it is absolutely wonderful. It’s saved my bacon (in more than a metaphorical sense, even) more than once.

It is awesome!

Say you’ve got a slab of salmon you found in the freezer and not much else. You’d go to Supercook.com and type in salmon. Then you’d have a whole bunch of recipes pop up, all of which use salmon. The great thing about it is, on the front page, before you even get into the recipe, there’s a list of all the other ingredients you’ll need to make each dish. If you want home-smoked salmon fillets, for instance, all you’ll need is some brown sugar, and that’s sitting in the pantry, so we’re good to go.

All you’ve got to do is throw in a list of the ingredients you’ve got on hand already and you’ll get a list of recipes that use those ingredients. It’s devilishly simple. And devilishly good.

Head over there and give it a try. You’ll be glad you did.

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