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Yoga Dad Turns Cancer To A Positive

Yoga dad Dennis Ingui has a story to tell that all you dudes need to hear.

Now, I don’t normally turn over the precious white space here at A Dude’s Guide very often, much less three times in less than a week, but this is a special case. See, a friend of mine told me about Dennis and, once she did, I knew I’d have to have him share his story here with all of you. It’s a long story, so I’m going to have a jump that I want you to follow and I think you will.

This yoga dad is more than a health nut, more than a cancer survivor, more than a business man. Although he’d probably fight against anyone telling him this, he’s a bit of an inspiration. But let’s hear the story from Dennis’ mouth instead of mine.

Despite completely changing my life starting with a yoga practice at the age of 48, I wouldn’t call it a mid-life crisis.  

My mid-life turnaround was brought about after a stunning diagnosis of prostate cancer and surgery. What began as a journey of recovery and self-discovery has grown into a new business venture, mentorship for other budding entrepreneurs and a path toward philanthropy, touching the lives of children and adults across the globe.

Born and raised in the Bronx, I’ve always been athletic and physically fit. Which meant I was thrown completely off guard after a cautionary check up with my urologist showed a slightly rising PSA test. I will never forget the moment I received a call from the doctor on my way to the airport for a business trip. Immediately, I turned the car around and my wife and I went straight to the doctor. Within a few weeks, I was scheduled for surgery.

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Will You Take The Pledge?

by Richard

Oprah has one. Now AT&T has one. Will you sign up?

What’s this dude talking about, I hear you ask. Well, I hear some voices in my head and I’m going to go ahead and just say they’re your voices. Except for the one that tells me to take off all my clothes and run naked through the security screenings at the Charlotte-Douglas Airport. I know who that voice is and I hardly ever listen to him.


I’m talking about the no-text pledge.

There’s a great series of commercials running these days where people hold up signs with a few words printed on them. Those words are what they were reading in a text right before they had an accident, or right before a loved one had an accident. No text is worth it, is the message.

Oprah Winfrey has had a no-text pledge for a while in her no-phone zone. It’s a good idea. I even took the pledge myself in front of my three young dudes and, for the most part, I’ve stuck to it.

In a move mainly designed by PR flacks (the way I see it) AT&T has stepped up and also are asking people to sign their pledge that folks won’t send or read texts while driving. Remember those ads I was talking about up there a bit earlier? Turns out, they’re from AT&T.

Randall Stephenson, CEO of AT&T, was watching the Olympics with his daughter when she saw it — an ad featuring a man in a wheelchair suffering from a severe brain injury and holding a sign with the text: “Where r.”

“This is the text message that caused the car accident that changed my life forever,” the man said.

According to Stephenson, the ad did its job.

“She said, ‘Dad … that’s heavy’,” he said. “I said, it’s supposed to be heavy. It got your attention and that’s what we’re trying to accomplish.”

The ad, from AT&T, is part of the mobile company’s “It Can Wait” campaign. First launched in 2009, the campaign aims to curb texting and driving, especially among young drivers. It will be ramping up between now and September 19, or what the campaign is calling “No Text on Board — Pledge Day.”

AT&T is asking everyone to visit ItCanWait.com before Sept. 19 and sign the pledge. My question is this: Don’t these folks know about International Talk Like A Pirate Day? It’s also on Sept. 19. I hope we can fit in both things. It’s going to be tight, but doable
Moving on.
According to the Pew Internet & American Life Project,texting while driving increased 50% in one year (2010), when 20% of all drivers admitted to texting or sending an e-mail while driving.

Teens report doing so at more than twice that rate, with 43% admitting to doing so in an AT&T survey.

People texting are 23 times more likely to get into an accident than other drivers, according to the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute.

So, yeah, I think this is something we can all agree on. No texting while driving. I mean, that’s what the shotgun seat is for.


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In The Rear-View Mirror

by Richard

All right, dudes, I’ve got good news and I’ve got bad news.

The bad news is that the Olympics are over for the next two years. Four if you’re counting until the next time we get to see serious athletes dressed in skimpy bathing suits, hitting a ball around a square of sand. Two if you’re ready for a bunch of snow and ice.

Either way, it’s gone. And it’s about time, really. I was getting to the point where it just wasn’t all that much fun anymore to sit around and pretend to understand different sports.

Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy watching Team Handball and Table Tennis and all those other minor sports. Believe me, I did. But it was getting harder and harder as the Olympics dragged on to find another sport to start getting interested in.

Maybe I’ve only got so much attention to spare, maybe we’ve all got only so much attention to spare, and there’s something coming up that’s starting to hog all the attention.

Yeah, that’s right. Football’s time has come round at last.

Yep, last weekend was the first full slate of pre-season professional games. We’re less than month away from the start of college football. It’s time, oh, dear FSM, it’s time. I can not wait for the seasons to begin.

The hear the crack of helmet against helmet, to hear the sound of pads smashing together.

This is the season for which I live my sports life.

I can’t wait.

That was the good news.

Now some more bad news. We’ve still go to wait. There are games, but they don’t count.

But at least they’re there. And I will be watching.

Well, I’ll be watching the first quarter at least, because after that it’s all scrub time. And who wants to watch that?

Yeah, you’re right. Probably me too. I mean, it’s still football. And after more than six months doing without, I am ready for some football.

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