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Isn’t It Until Death Do Us Part?

Some people just can’t let go.

Take, for instance, Marcel H. and his wife, who live/lived in Liege, Belgium. An older couple, by all accounts they had lived a long and happy life. Unfortunately, at some point in the last year or so, Marcel H. died.

His wife was one of those people who just can’t let go. Literally.

A woman had been sleeping next to her dead husband’s decomposed corpse for one year until authorities made the grisly discovery this week.

Apparently, 79-year-old “Marcel H.” from Liege, Belgium, died back in November 2012 of an asthma attack, according to Carters News Agency. His wife was so upset that she failed to report the death and continued to sleep with the body until Belgian authorities made the bizarre finding on Tuesday, Nov. 19.

They were led to the apartment because the landlord claimed the couple hadn’t paid their rent since last year. Neighbors never reported a bad smell. The body had mummified.

Okay, sure. Bodies can become mummified even without any sort of special treatment. They need a warm, dry environment in which the excess fluids will be leached out of the tissues, allowing said tissues to harden and dry out.

However, for that to happen, decomposition has to set in first and, dudes, that stinks like you wouldn’t believe.

And Mrs. H, Marcel’s wife, continued sleeping with the dead, decaying body of her husband for about a year before she was found. I’m sure the smell became a bit more tolerable over that time, but I just can’t imagine staying in that apartment during the first stages of decomposition.

I’m going to include a picture of the scene, but place it under the cut because I don’t want it to be just sitting out here in the open. I’ll see you there. Or not.

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Getting Old With A Small Modicum Of Grace

by Richard

Getting old is a fact of life. And once you’ve got little dudes crawling around the house, you’re certainly going to start feeling every single day you’ve lived.

And regretting every single unhealthy thing you’ve ever done. Especially when it’s 2:17 am and the little dude is screaming for, well, for something or just screaming because it’s something to do and he’s awake and bored and wants to play.

Taking care of yourself is one of those very important parental tasks that doesn’t get talked about enough. Not only to you need to take the time to — every once in a while — coddle yourself and give yourself a break from the parenting routine (a dopey Dad or maniac Mom helps no young dude or young dudette), you also need to make sure your body gets looked after. And the only person who’s going to do that is you. So let’s talk specifics.

These tips are designed to make sure you stay healthy as you age. You might not be old now, but you will be. And sooner than you think.

1) Eat four to five cups of vegetables a day. It’s important for the little dudette and it’s important for you. Try and switch it up and get a lot of different colors in your diet, not just green. Vegetables and some fruits have lots of good minerals and antioxidants that will help keep your body in good shape.

2) Start eating more higher-calcium foods. This is why the little dude is supposed to drink a lot of milk. Not only is it good for your bones and teeth, but it also can help control high blood pressure and might be involved in helping you keep off the weight.

3) Cut down on the boozing. Not only is it inadvisable for you to go out and tie on a few sheets into the wind since you’re going to have to get up in the middle of the night and be able to function, it’s also cutting your life a bit shorter. Seems that those people who drink less alcohol might actually live longer.

4) Still, though, you want to make sure you drink more fluids. Recently, some doctors have come out and said the whole 8 glasses of water a day thing is not even half-cocked, but it’s still a good idea to make sure you drink enough. That is, gurgle down the water and tea and all the rest of that stuff to make sure your body has enough fluids inside to run smoothly.

Come back tomorrow for a couple more tips.

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Kindling The Fire For Reading

by Richard

I’m surprised I was able to hold out as long as I did. When Amazon.com first came out with their electronic reading device called the Kindle, everyone who knew me assumed that I would be first in line to buy one.

I almost was. It was a close call, but I managed to make the saving throw against the shiny. (That was a dungeons and dragons joke there. Pretty impressive considering I never actually played the game, yeah?)

Of course, hearing my bookshelves creak in the night and listening for (and praying it would never happen) the tell-tale pop of breaking wood as the overloaded shelves finally came crashing down, made for some sleepless nights. I knew I wasn’t the type of person to actually throw away books or give them to the library when I was done with them. (I’m a seagull at heart: “Mine! Mine! Mine!” when it comes to books.)

Something had to change. Which meant I finally gave in and bought a Kindle. I managed to fall in love with that one for about a year. Until they came out with a new version. Having already bought the first iteration, there was no way they were keeping v. 2 out of my sweaty, eager hands. Again, I loved it. Having all those books at my fingertips was amazing. I didn’t have to pack a separate suitcase for my books when I went on vacations. It was wonderful.

But what to do with the Kindle I no longer used? Oddly, I found rescue in the form of Hyper Lad. He’s not the biggest reader in the world, but he found the idea of an electronic reader to be irresistible. Seriously, books were cool as long as they weren’t plain old paper and ink. So I gave him his own Amazon.com account and a couple of bucks (since we’re big believers in supporting anyone who wants to read) and told him to go to town.

He immediately started downloading Stephen King books. Now, before he started using my former Kindle, Hyper Lad would never have actually read a Stephen King book, simply because they were too long. He’d take one look at the size of the book and decide he could never read something that long.

With the Kindle, though, the young dude’s able to fool himself. It’s the same book, but you can’t tell how big it is just from looking. All you see when looking at the book is the exterior of the Kindle. It never changes. It’s always thin. Right now he’s reading The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy with The Mist, The Shining and Cell (all by Stephen King) waiting in the wings.

That’s some good news. We’ve found a way for Hyper Lad to enjoy reading and we’re not cluttering up the house with my books any more. How can this not be a good thing?

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