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A Moment Of Silence

by Richard

I work in an elementary school. I deal with these little dudes and dudettes every single day.

The horror of Newton, Connecticut, is almost overwhelming.

I’ve tried to write this post for most of the weekend and came up with nothing. Every time I try to gather my thoughts, they simply disappear into the well of despair the parents of Newton must be feeling.

Those kids were no older than 10 years old, most not even into double digits. It’s just not right.

No matter what was wrong with the shooter’s brain, no matter what might have led to this. . . It’s just plain evil. Those kids did nothing. Those teachers and parents did nothing.

And now they have to suffer.

And all we can do is watch, and wonder and hope that it never happens again. And, when it does, the whole cycle starts over again with a different group of parents in mourning and a different group of parents watching and wondering and hoping.

There will always be mental illness. There will always be people who are just plain wrong. But we can change things if we make it harder for these people to get at the weapons that make it so much easier to kill others. But that is for later.

For now, all I can do is sit still and sorry and be quietly relieved it didn’t happen here.

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A Pause To Reflect

by Richard

Brethren, let us pause for a moment of silence. (sounds of deep breathing, sighs, shuffling feet and small sobs)

We come to bury college football for the year, not to praise it. (well, we’re going to praise it. Quite a lot, actually. It’s just that I couldn’t pass up a good allusion to Shakespeare. It’s so rare we get lit’rary ’round these parts.) Oh, (insert name of deity/earth spirit/celestial madonna/ancestor/flying mound of pasta products of your choice) please hear us.

Once a year, we gather to say good bye to our good friend, college football. Ole’ CF has been something of a bore this year (with the exception of certain Les Miles moments for LSU and Texas [despite what the refs said]). The best teams have gone along and beaten the teams they were supposed to beat. (Well, right up until Alabama won the SEC championship game from Florida. I already had my seats in the Rose Bowl picked out.) We got some great BCS busters in the Texas Christian University Horned Frogs, the Boise State Broncos and the Cincinnati Bearcats. And, with the exception of the Bearcats, the NCAA and the bowl folks turned right around and shafted the mighty Frogs and Broncos. Instead of playing a top-tier team, they get to play each other. Of course, Cincinnati gets to be beaten up on by the Gators, so at least the other two teams don’t have to face that. (fingers crossed, fingers crossed)

And yet, despite what many consider to be a boring season, this year, CF has given us some great games. Some games that went down to the wire. A few upsets that had people pulling out their hair. We had millions of fans screaming their throats raw every Saturday. More emotion in a single game than you see in many complete NFL seasons.

Hands up, those of you dudes who had to stay up until after midnight every Saturday night to see ESPN’s College Football Final? Yeah, I thought so.

So you see, dear (insert name of deity/earth spirit/celestial madonna/ancestor/flying mound of pasta products of your choice), we’re going to miss our old friend, college football. We know there are bowl games aplenty coming in the next month, but it won’t be the same. There’s really only one game that counts and, odds are, our teams aren’t playing in it. This is more like the zombie uprising for college football. It’ll shamble around for a couple of weeks and then collapse for good.

But we pray for its sure and certain hope of a resurrection.

We’ll see you next year, college football. It’s going to be a long seven months until you’re up and running around again. I’ve already started a countdown until the first game.

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