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Monday Matinee: Time-Lapse Moab

Something grows from nothing.

Time-lapse photography is one of the most amazing tricks we can pull with our ability to capture and store images from the environment.

It’s like a flip book drawing, but drawn instead from real life.

Like most photographic tricks, you can do things quick and dirty or you can take your time and produce something amazing.

In this case, we’re leaning toward the amazing end of the spectrum. Ron Risman is a photographer who took a trip to Moab in Utah and documented it with an astonishing time-lapse movie.

Here it is for you dudes.


Timelapse Moab Presents: A Dark-Sky Timelapse Journey through Southeastern Utah from Ron Risman on Vimeo.

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Freaky Friday: Cheer Up

by Richard

If I could give you dudes one word of advice, one single syllable that you would hear and actually listen to, one word of warning that would be followed, it would be this: breathe.

Now, of couse, I mean that in more than just the literal sense. You still need to breathe, in a very literal sense, don’t get me wrong, but I was speaking more in the metaphorical.

See, for many dudes, the Christmas and New Year time is one of unrelenting, looming horror and doom, capped off by a wonderful morning, followed by more doom and fear and anger and resentment and then a lot of drinking and a hangover. Pretty much the stereotyped holiday with family.

Not every family is like that, though. Mine isn’t. I actually love my in-laws and my wife, known to me as She Who Must Be Showered With Presents, loves my parents and family as well. We got lucky.

Still, even with all of us getting along, the stress of getting the house ready for visits, making sure the perfect meal is ready to be put onto the perfectly set table and all the young dudes are dressed (semi) up and clean, for certain stinky values of clean, can make for a hectic time. Which can lead to frayed tempers and snapping at the most innocuous statements.


Sometimes, though, even that wonderful advice won’t get you through the day. So let’s talk about what to do if you start getting a bad case of the holiday blues.

For starters, try and think positively. Dr. Nido R. Qubein, the president of High Point University and an amazingly sought after consultant, said the voices we hear in our heads are vastly more important than the words people say to us. So, if we think positively, we’ll be able to go forward in a positive frame of mind.

You might also set aside some time to do something you love to do. Love the movies, head out to catch a matinee. Take a walk with the dog.

Speaking of dogs, finding and cuddling a furry friend can be a great way to get out of the holiday blues. Animals have a great way of making people just feel, well, better. If you don’t have a pet, volunteer some time at an animal shelter.

Finally, if you can’t cheer up, try and cheer someone else up. By shifting your focus of attention onto someone other than yourself, you can redirect all that heavy emotional energy into something positive. Yeah, that sounds new-agey, but it does work.

The holidays have too much potential fun to spend them down in the dumps. Act positively, dudes. Have fun.

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