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What’s That Smell?

My wife, known as She Who Likes The Smelly Stuff, had a pretty simple solution for whenever our little dudes had a cold: Slather the mentholated Vicks VapoRub all over their chests. If you’ve never smelled this stuff before, count yourself lucky. It’s amazingly terrible stuff which, if used correctly, will make your eyes water like a garden hose in the summer. She even uses the stuff herself when she’s got a cold. Not a pleasant experience. Especially when I’m feeling a little. . . shall we say. . . randy?

Long story short (ish), I hate the stuff. I really, really do. However, being married to a doctor, I tend to bow to her experience in medical matters. I mean, I’m not that stupid, you know.

Anyway, turns out I get to do a little gloating. According to a recent article, that VapoRub stuff should NOT be used on little dudes. Seems doctors at Wake Forest University started studying the stuff after treating an 18-month-old girl who developed severe respiratory problems after her grandparents put the vile stuff under her nose when she had a cold.

Okay, sure. Vicks made sure to have a warning against using the stuff on very young kids on the lable, but, really, who reads lables? Certainly not grandparents. Or people who had the stuff slathered on them when they were young. I mean, if it was good enough for my parents and good enough for me as a kid. . .

All of which goes to show that conventional wisdom sometimes isn’t really wisdom at all. And one other thing. Actually the most important thing.


sometimes I am so very, very petty

— Richard

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