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A Dude’s Guide to Babies: Now In Intangible Form

Okay, dudes, it’s big news time.

It turns out, and I found this out purely by luck  (if by luck, you mean my obsessive checking of the Guide’s ranking on Amazon.com), that A Dude’s Guide to Babies now is available for the Kindle.

Ain’t that a kick in the paints?

I’d been pestering our publisher, Sellers Publishing, about when the book was going to be available in electronic format and the very instructive answer I’ve been getting is. . . “Soon.”

Apparently soon has arrived.

So, if you’re one of those new dads (or know one of those new dads) who like their information dropped in a digital knowledge bomb, then, dude, have I got a book for you. Notice there was no question mark at the end of that last sentence. See? Because it wasn’t a question, even though it was sort of phrased like one.

Because I do have the book for them. Or for you. Heck for any of you. Especially if you’ve purchased it in the paper form and now you want one you can carry around in your pocket without getting out the clown pants and the jumbo-sized cargo pockets.

Although, really, why wouldn’t you?

Still, if you want the Guide on your phone or tablet, there’s no excuse. And no waiting.

Go there now and start downloading. You can be reading a brand-spanking new guide to babies in mere moments.

What are you waiting for? Go. Download. Read.

Now. Go. Do.

Tired. Of. One. Word. Sentences. Already. Even. When. Said. Sentences. Have. More. Than. One. Syllable. Blech.

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A Yearly Celebration Of Just How Lucky I Can Be

by Richard

It’s been twenty-two years since I managed to convince my wife to actually walk down the aisle with me and actually make the transition from girlfriend to wife.

It’s good to know post-hypnotic suggestions really do work.

What? Well, it was either that or consider the fact that she must have some sort of very tiny, but very significant dane bramage that lets her overlook the nerdy bald guy in the corner and see instead some sort of suave good-looking guy. Surely someone who doesn’t pronounce the words swave-ee and de-bone-er.

Twenty-two years ago today, I got lucky and I’ve managed to stay lucky for the rest of my life since then.

It’s a bit intimidating when you know you married up. The love of your life is a shining reminder that not only can things get better, but they sometimes get better for you and you’d better do everything in your power to make sure it stays that way.

Not that She Who Must Be Catered To, Her Every Whim Made Reality would ever be one to take advantage of that tendency in me. Nope. Not her.

I am a very lucky man. Not only does she put up with my various deeply geek interests, she actually has grown to share in a few, like the zombies of The Walking Dead or the magic and dragons of A Game of Thrones. They’re small steps, but they’re steps all the same. And she’s definitely the only woman I know who will yell just as loudly as do I at a football game when those refs so blatantly miss such an obvious call.

A fiery woman, my wife is passionate about a lot of things and has no problem telling anyone around about them. Fortunately, one of the things about which she’s most passionate is the life of her husband and sons. While they might not know it yet (now that their mom and I have entered the idiot phase of their lives), but the young dudes are genuinely lucky to get such an amazing example of womanity to learn from. These lucky dudes won’t be scared off by a strong woman and they’ll be the better for that.

I was. Thanks, Mom.

I’d go into the marvelous physical fact of my wife’s existence, but I don’t want her blushing too brightly. Well, from that at least.

I’m pretty sure we both got lucky together.

What I do know for sure is we’ve both worked hard to make sure we stayed lucky for the past 22 years and will keep working hard to get at least 22 more.

I love you, Sweetie.

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A Landmark Day

by Richard

Sarcasmo and I are off out of town. Yep, I hit the airport once again. This time, I’m going up to Putney, Vermont.

Well, I’ve always wanted to visit a state that’s smaller than the town in which I grew up (Dallas) or the town in which I worked (Palm Bay, Florida).

Okay, so Vermont’s not really that small, but, dude, it’s not big at all.

No, the reason I’m dragging Sarcasmo up to Putney, VT, is because that’s the home of Landmark College, an institution of higher learning that is designed from the floor up to help kids with ADD and learning disabilities succeed.

Following his rather ignominious return from High Point University, Sarcasmo, his mom and I have been searching for something that will get him up off the couch and back into an academic track that will lead him to a successful career. Hopefully one that doesn’t actually involve him staying at home for longer than necessary.

So, it’s off to Landmark College we go to take a look at the facility and meet the folks there.

It should be interesting. I just hope it’s interesting enough to actually grab Sarcasmo and make him excited about going to school so he’ll put forth some effort to work through his LD and ADD. I’m becoming more and more convinced that ADD and LDs, while real and based on biological factors, can only be overcome or worked around if the person involved has enough motivation to look for and participate in the plan and remediation efforts.

All of which means, if Sarcasmo’s not buying in to the idea of Landmark College being a good idea that will benefit him, he’s not going to do much that will help him succeed. And, yes, this is different from lazy. I’ll get back to you on a complete reason why in a couple of days.

So, anyway, that’s where I am today. Up in Vermont, where the nights say it’s still late winter instead of North Carolina’s early summer. Should be interesting.

If Sarcasmo really wants to go, he’ll experience his first real winter. I mean a winter where the snow falls and doesn’t go away. He’s a southern boy at heart so I’m interested in how he’ll face going to school and also doing it while hiking through snow.

But it all starts here. With a tour of the facilities. Wish me luck.

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