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Of Donuts And Dads

Barry’s been thinking about donuts and the unexpected gifts we can sometimes find packed away in our memories.

I’ve been feeling a little melancholy lately, dudes. And it’s all got to do with donuts.

See, my father died in 2008. Before he did, though, and when I was much younger, he used to bring me to his office quite a lot. I loved it. And not just because of the snacks.

Although, let’s face it, knowing me that’s certainly a big part of it.

It was in my father’s office that I fell in love with the peanut donut.


This donut is a thing of culinary wonder and delight. It’s the perfect combination of soft, sweet donut and crunchy, tasty peanut. You just can’t get any better.

So, I’ve been thinking a lot about my father lately because, it seems, I’ve got a really good manager. This is a man who brings in donuts for the office every Friday.

I once told my manager about my father’s favorite treat for me, how I used to look forward so much to a peanut donut. Now, every single Friday, when the manager drops off the donuts, there’s always at least one peanut donut just for me.

They’re not the same as they were when I was younger — but, really, what is? — but I still enjoy the taste and the memories they’ve been bringing up for me lately.

Thanks, Dad.


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Um, sorry, dudes. We’re having some unexpected technical difficulties

That is, I’m seriously stressed out over a lot of RL issues and having a difficult time finding the time (hah!) to sit down at this new fangled typing machine.

If you’re in dire need of finding a couple of minutes to kill, why not go check this out?

Fifth-Grade Fiction

It’s the cover to a new Amazon.com Kindle story collection featuring yr hmbl blogger. Me. The real draw, though, is the young dude who’s in there with me.

In my role as a Title 1 Tutor at Awesome Elementary School, I’ve been working with some of the fifth graders, trying to get them to see anyone can write and do it well. ish. Wellish.

Anyway, this young dude was the only one to answer the call for a winter-themed story. Give it a try. His story is fun.

My story is called Mission: Terminate Santa Claus and it’s about time travelling revenge-minded 10-year-olds shouldering a big-time beef with the Jolly Old Elf. It’s sort of funny.

Well, I liked it.

I’ll be back soon.




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Satur-Dude Sensation

by Richard

Welcome, one dude and all, to this, the first day of the last month of the year.

Now’s the time when the end of the year really starts doing that looming thing, where it creeps up from behind you and then towers over your head, blocking out the sunlight, the only way you know its there is because of the soft, faintly garlicky smell of its warm breath caressing the nape of your neck and you know you shouldn’t turn around, but you do anyway?

Know what I mean?

Basically we’ve got a lot of stuff to get ready for.

Like a lot of you, I send out an end-of-the-year letter detailing the state of things here in Casa de Dude. Unlike a lot of you, though, I probably spend far too much time on mine. I normally send out a two-page newsletter full of fun stuff, odd pictures and snippets of news. I try desperately to be entertaining, rather than be a crashing bore like the letters of some people.

They’re probably not all that funny, but watching me clown around and vamp for the laugh is, I’m told, lightly amusing. I’ll take it.

And I’m sure I’m missing something. Something important I should be worrying about near the end of the year, but, for the life of me, I’m not sure what it is. Hmm. I guess if it was important I would have remembered.

With that in mind, I’m going to leave you now so I can get back to work. I’ve got to try and find some way of making this sow’s ear look like a silk purse. Oddly, that wasn’t a metaphor.


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