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Another Peek At The Future

by Richard

The future keeps breaking through into the present, usually in ways we never thought it would.

For instance, today I’m getting ready to take Sarcasmo on a trip to Idaho for a look at another bit of education. I’m coming back. He’s not.

Hyper Lad is away at Camp Cheerio.

The only one of the young dudes still home is Zippy the Monkey Boy, who just returned from a near-month-long trip to Fiji, New Zealand and Australia (makes me wish I was one of my own kids) and is getting ready to head off to the University of North Carolina Wilmington in just about a month.

So we’re down to one kid, two adults, two cats, a dog and a bird.

Yeah, the nest officially is getting a little bit emptier.

Especially considering Zippy the Monkey Boy is the type to sleep in until someone goes into his room and tips his bed over onto the floor. Mornings are going to be pretty quiet for the next little while.

I guess it’s something I’ll have to get used to.

When school starts up Aug. 27, it’s going to be quite real and quite quiet.

Hyper Lad is off to school by 8:30 am and that’s it. Nothing to do with kids until he gets home near 5 pm.

Still not sure how this is going to work. I mean, I haven’t had to cook for only three people (one child) for a long, long time. I have a feeling I’m going to be making a lot of accidental leftovers for the first couple of months.

Maybe I can buy that huge storage fridge I’ve had my eye on for a while. Get a place to put the stuff away . . . Well, realistically, never look at it again. Making leftovers? Yeah, I’m good at that. Serving leftovers? Not so much.

Of course, with Zippy the Monkey Boy leaving the house, our grocery bill will almost immediately come down a substantial amount since I’ll no longer have to buy his, and his alone, normal ration of 2.5 gallons of milk per week.

Ah well. That’s in the future, which is only waving hi this week. I’m sure it’ll be coming for a much longer visit next month.

Until then. . .

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And, Lo, The Choice, It Is Made

by Richard

And the winner is. . . Wait, I’ve got to tell you who’s doing the winning and who’s making the choice and what sort of choice it is before I can tell you the winner.

It all started back two years ago on College Road Trip 2009 when Sarcasmo and I decided it was time to hit the road and view a couple of colleges that he might be interested in attending. I did the same thing with College Road Trip 2010 with Zippy the Monkey Boy. What can I say, dudes? I must have been crazy.

Anyway, Sarcasmo and I hit the road for a long, long trip. We visited seven colleges and universities in 10 days. By the end of which, I’m pretty sure, he was gleefully planning my murder and where he’d be digging the shallow grave. I heard him mumbling in his sleep there towards the end, something about wanting to make sure the grave was deep enough to hide my body from most people, but still shallow enough so dogs could get at the corpse and start tearing it apart. He was oddly specific. I ended up sleeping in a locked bathroom in the bathtub that last night.

No particular reason. Just thought it seemed like fun.

So we visited huge universities, medium sized universities, and a couple of small-ish private schools. And it ended up that he liked and wanted to go to North Carolina State University, which is, for those of you dudes who don’t know, a very large school.

As the time came, almost a year later, to apply for schools, we thought it might be a good idea to see what some smaller schools had to offer. We ended up going to see Roanoke College and High Point University, both with fewer than 5,000 students.

Not only did Sarcasmo get accepted to all seven schools to which he applied, he got offered a couple of minor scholarships that would make the private schools just barely affordable. All in all, he was feeling pretty full of himself. Which, I guess, I should be.

Eventually, after much consideration, he’s decided he wants to be a High Point University Panther. It’s a wonderful, small, private university located in High Point, North Carolina, less than two hours from home. It’s far enough away that he won’t be dragging his laundry home for me to do, but near enough that he can come home on more than just semester breaks.

It’s also beautiful. After our tour, I wanted to go there. Too old, though, is what I was told. Hah! What do they know? Anyway, we decided to send the younger RE Jones there, even though I was tempted to try and take his place. Now all he has to do is pass the rest of his high-school classes and he’s in.

So, congratulations, Sarcasmo! And Go, Panthers!


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