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Over There? No. Maybe Under The Couch. . .

by Richard

Just wondering where the time went.

There I was, up in the wilds of Northern Idaho with Sarcasmo and the lovely, soon-to-be-and-currently-one-year-older-than-spring-chicken-me She Who Must Be Whimsical To Be Catered To, making sure to post just about every day, when . . . boom.

Suddenly, here it is Wednesday and I’ve been missing for a day and a half.


Not much else I can say. Getting back into the swing of things at Wonderful Elementary School, getting back into the groove with some of the coolest kids I’ve ever met (plus some teachers), and making sure Hyper Lad and Buzz, The Garbage Disposal That Walks Like A Dog, are all right. . .

That seems to take up a bit of attention. If you know what I mean. And even if not. It still commands some attention.

Even more, Zippy the College Boy came home from University of North Carolina Wilmington last night, courtesy of the neighbors, and proceeded to bring havoc back with him. It seems we’d become used to the relative quiet.

Because when Zippy the College Boy came home, so too did the Posse, a group of three to four boys around Zippy the College Boy’s age, and so too did the chaos. In only a short few weeks, it seems as if I’d forgotten just how loud four to five mid-to-late teens can become.

Very, just in case you dudes were wondering.


So now I’m sitting in the relative quiet of the early morning. Zippy the College Boy is doing what college boys since time immemorial have done: sleeping. Hyper Lad and his semi-constant companion Tip are passed out in the Creature Cave, following a late-night sleepover full of killing and blood. (On a video game.) And She Who Must Be Off is away to work.

Things are — for now — quiet.

Which means it’s time to catch up.

Which means it’s time for me to be off. I’ve got people to do and things to see. And so I will.

And also will be back tomorrow, when we talk about giving thanks.

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Tips On How Not To Feel Your Age*

by Richard

Yesterday, I talked a bit about how the arrival of a little dude or little dudette in the house was one of the best ways ever to start feeling like a very old dude, indeed. There’s nothing like catering to the whims of a non-sentient, sadistic, psychopathic little bundle of joy to really bring home that you are older than you were yesterday.

Still, there are some things you can do to keep the aging fairy at bay. It’s not going to keep that winged dude away for good, but it will make sure he doesn’t keep hitting you over the head with the old stick quite as soon or quite as often. Let’s get back to the tips.

5) One of the most important things you can do to make sure you feel younger is make sure you get enough sleep each night. Not too much and not too little. Seriously, recent research has linked sleep to combatting obesity, better mental health, a higher exercise efficiency and a whole bunch of other stuff. Getting a good night’s sleep is essential to your health. Which makes the arrival of the late-night screaming dude so much fun.

6) Speaking of weight. . . Keeping off the pounds is a good way to ensure you see a few more days down the line. Not only will weighing less protect your joints and your back and let you move around better, it also might just protect your brain. Seriously. In addition, one of the best ways to lose weight is exercise. And we know that exercise has benefits that go beyond the physical and into the emotional as well.

7) As you get older, your body begins to need fewer and fewer calories each day to function at optimal efficiency. Every decade or so, your body needs 5 percent fewer calories, or about 100 calories a day. Again, cutting back on the carbs, fat and calories turns out to be a good idea.

8) Finally, remember to keep up with friends and family members. And I don’t mean just sending out the annual brag list of all the little dude’s accomplishments for the past year. Yeah, we know he walked. So did most of the little dudes his age. Call up an old friend and chat about something other than the Center of the Universe. It’ll do you good to remember that not all conversations have to be conducted in baby talk.

Remember, dudes and dudettes, it’s not that you’re only as old as you feel, but having a positive outlook and doing a few simple things can help you feeling younger than you are.*

*unless you’re young and healthy and then we just want you to stay feeling that way, but that’s a bit long for a title (or even trying to include it in the body of the post) so I thought I’d simply leave that bit down here where it wouldn’t get in the way and scare off people who don’t like long blog titles, although that does seem like a pretty remote chance, someone being afraid of a long blog title, or, rather, sort of an overly specific fear.

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Dude Review: Weird Sports

by Richard

Soccer, I know. Football, I know. Baseball, basketball, swimming, cycling, running. All these I know. Heck, dudes, I even know about curling (but that’s probably only because I have an unhealthy attachment to watching late-night Winter Olympics programming). But the sports I just read about? Now these are weird.

Elephant soccer. Wife carrying. Cheese rolling. It’s like they took one word from column A and one word from column B, combined the two and then made a sport out of the mishmash of words.

No surprise, then, that I read about them in a new book called Weird Sports, by Michael Teitelbaum, from Beach Ball Books.

My favorite sport mentioned in this book has got to be wife carrying, which started in Finland and now is wildly popular in Estonia. Obviously, I need to get to these countries. These dudes know how to party.

So, here’s the deal with wife carrying. The man must run through an obstacle course, with two dry obstacles and one wet obstacle, over a track that is 277 yards long. All while carrying a woman (for a married man, his wife) who can weigh no less than 108 pounds.

I can just picture the losing couple after the race.

“You just had to eat that second hot dog, didn’t you?”

“Well, at least I have the muscles to walk through a little water trip faster than a snail on hot tar!”

Oh, yeah. That’s fun.

Filled with crazy photos and fun, easy-to-read descriptions, Weird Sports is a fantastic book for both the open-minded older dudes and for the young dudes in the family. In fact, when the book arrived in our house, I had to do a little weird parenting to keep it out of Hyper Lad’s hands long enough to read it for this review. Even know, he’s hovering over my shoulder, panting with eagerness to get his sweaty little hands on the book for good.

He’s already picked out a couple of sports he wants to try. I have the feeling I’m going to regret letting him read this one, but it should be fun in the meantime.

This book gets a heart, five (5) dudes out of five. It’s great for young and old and everyone in between. Seriously, go read this. You’ll have a great time. Let me know if any of you actually try these sports. I’d love to hear about it.

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