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Monday Matinee: Time-Lapse Moab

Something grows from nothing.

Time-lapse photography is one of the most amazing tricks we can pull with our ability to capture and store images from the environment.

It’s like a flip book drawing, but drawn instead from real life.

Like most photographic tricks, you can do things quick and dirty or you can take your time and produce something amazing.

In this case, we’re leaning toward the amazing end of the spectrum. Ron Risman is a photographer who took a trip to Moab in Utah and documented it with an astonishing time-lapse movie.

Here it is for you dudes.


Timelapse Moab Presents: A Dark-Sky Timelapse Journey through Southeastern Utah from Ron Risman on Vimeo.

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No, this isn’t a lost Halloween post, dudes.

I’m wishing happy birthday to the only niece who was a baby when I first met her.

And issuing a warning. If you live in the Jacksonville area, be very, very careful while driving for the next couple of months. Yes, Boo is turning 16 today and will be allowed by Duval County, the city of Jacksonville, the state of Florida and these United States of America to drive — by herself — whenever she wants to do so.

Okay, standard make-fun of new drivers is over now.

In all seriousness, I’m certain that Boo is going to be a fantastic driver. After all, she’s pretty much fantastic in everything else, so why should driving be any different?

Her name isn’t really Boo, of course. But it’s short for Sweetie Boo, which I started calling her just to annoy her mom, my sister, Tia. The name sort of stuck and I eventually shortened it to Boo.

Once Monsters, Inc. came out and there was a cute, little girl named Boo in it. . . Well, there’s no way I couldn’t not call her Boo after that.

It’s honestly been a tremendous joy to watch her grow up. From the very start, I tried to make sure that I never complimented her on only how she looks or what she was wearing that day.

For me, the first thing I told her was that she was going to be a genius when she grew up. And, what do you know, she’s almost there right now.

Not only is Boo destined to play Division 1 volleyball for some very, very lucky university in a couple of years (she’s already getting scouted and she’s only a sophomore), but she’s taking AP courses, honors courses, you name it.

The girl is good in just about everything you could imagine.

And it doesn’t hurt that she’s somehow managed to overcome the genetic handicap of having Tia as her mother and The Teaching Dutchman as her father. She’s beautiful, both outside and in.

With a quick wit, an infectious laugh, and one of the biggest hearts I’ve ever had the privilege to be around, Boo is the epitome of what young ladies should be.

Those of you who aren’t relatives and who have read this far might be wondering if I am — possibly — a tiny bit biased. And, yes, I fear that I am. But, and let me strongly reinforce this but, I am not wrong in this.

Boo is the daughter I wish I’d had. She’s a daughter to make any parent — or uncle — proud.

I am so excited that I’ll get a chance to watch her grow, mature and flourish as she moves from being an outstanding young lady to a stunning woman, able to dazzle with academic brilliance and physical grace and beauty.

Happy Sweet Sixteen, Boo! You’ve got a wonderful journey ahead. I’m so glad I get a chance to watch you go.

Also a belated happy birthday to her dad, The Teaching Dutchman. Sorry, dude, but it’s her Sweet Sixteen. Just getting older doesn’t really match up. Still, we’re glad you’re here.

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Sunday Show: Boulet’s Long Journey

Here’s a lovely little something for you dudes today. Instead of a song, I’ve got a journey for you all to take.

But first, a question: Just how bored would you have to be to seek adventure by crawling into your toilet?

No, seriously.

My answer would probably be somewhere in the neighborhood of “I’m never getting that bored.” Mostly because I have no doubt I’d never make it past the first turn.

Of course, we've still got hangers, so at least that's the same.
We’re long past the toilet here, dudes.

That’s not a problem if you’re in a cartoon, of course. Which is the case with our protagonist in “The Long Journey,” a wonderful graphic story the Bouletcorp website. Not only is the journey long, but it’s astoundingly, amazingly awesome. It’s funny, awe-inspiring and just-plain beautiful.

Written and drawn in an engaging eight-bit, pixelated style by Boulet, a French artist who lives in Paris, “The Long Journey” takes full advantage of the infinite canvas offered by posting a comic on the web.

Instead of pages, the story simply scrolls down and down and down, as we crawl through tunnels, hang over seemingly infinite abysses and meet the most astounding life forms ever imagined.

Several times I found myself staring slack-jawed at the screen as Boulet managed yet another amazing transition from one scene to another in a way that, only minutes before, I would have said was impossible.

Even better, “The Long Journey” is a G to PG rated adventure, with no objectionable words or situations, save for a couple of sections that might have some religious folks getting a bit uptight. Still, even that is more on the level of debate, rather than diatribe, so it’s a good family read.

If you’ve got a good half hour or so, give this a chance. Sit down and enjoy the endless possibilities a fantastic artist can find when he puts his mind to discovering the new.

Good stuff, dudes. Good stuff.

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