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Sunday Serenade: Just Dropped In

by Richard

Today’s song is something I’m posting in honor of my middle little dude. Zippy the Monkey Boy is many things, but one of the things he’s most proud of is his near-obsession with a certain movie that resonates quite nicely here at Casa de Dude.

Yeah, he absolutely loves The Big Lebowski, the stoner detective bowling movie with nihilists. Possibly Nazis. Starring Jeff Bridges as The Dude, The Big Lebowski is fantastic. And has one of the most awesome scores in movie history.

Which brings us to this drug-addled dream song video. It must be seen to be believed. If then.


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Saturday Funnies: Dude

by Richard

Sometimes I get bored. Sometimes when I’m bored, I’ll start flicking through the google machine and see what’s the haps, as the young dudes say.

With that in mind, I started flicking through the image results that came up when I googled one word: Dude.

It might not surprise some of you to learn that, no A Dude’s Guide wasn’t on the front page. Most of that front page was taken up by images of one Jeffrey Lebowski, known now and forever as the Dude, played by the inimitable Jeff Bridges in full-on spacer mode. If you’ve never seen it (then you can’t be Zippy the Monkey Boy who watches this movie at least once a month), then you’re really missing out on a surreal, spacey trip through the life of a seriously left-behind loser. It’s also funnier than heck.

Anyway, type in dude to the google machine and you get some interesting images. Like this:

Who would have ever thought there was  Jeffrey Lebowski action figure? Not me, dude, that’s for sure. Especially an action figure that comes with removable White Russian, the preferred drink of the Dude.

We’ve also got this:

Obama’s got nothing on this cat.

Of course, as with all google machine image searches, there’s always the probability (not possibility, but probability) that you’ll run into something more than a little vaguely disturbing. Evidence for this assertion? Why, the following, silly dude.

With American Idol finally over, I thought I’d finally be rid of that, that, that whatever the heck thing that is. Seriously, dude needs to stop getting work done. After a while, you’ve just got to declare defeat, muster up as much dignity as you’ve still got the shreds of, and mope on home. He is long past that time.

So, off with you. To the google machine for a little fun. Go. Enjoy.

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One Final Christmas Post And Then We’re Done Until Next Year. Probably.

by Richard

Here’s hoping you had a wonderful Christmas, dudes. Or, if you didn’t celebrate Christmas, then at least had a good weekend. I think we can always hope for that.

Even beyond the giddy glee of opening presents on Christmas morning, the young dudes and I had a great day on Christmas. My wife, known to all of us as She Who Must Be Suffering Sometimes, Putting Up With Us, probably not as much.

See, we all had a wonderful time in the morning. We all agreed no one would get up before 8 am. Well, when I say we agreed, I really mean She Who Must Be Hanging On By Her Fingernails, and I threatened the young dudes with death, dismemberment and ignominious anonymous burial in a shallow grave somewhere, should we be awakened by them before the aforementioned hour. Also we’d start taking away presents given to them. Not sure which threat worked, but we did get to sleep until 8 am so that was nice.

Other than the tie forced on given to me by my sister and her family, the best gift I got was the new Amazon Kindle. It’s not much different from the last, but it does have the last Kindle beat in one important aspect: It’s new. I always lose my saving throw against the shiny new thing.

Non-materially based, the best part of the day was watching the rest of my family open presents and getting to see the joy on their faces as they opened presents I picked out for them. It’s always good to guess right. I think part of that is that when I guess right, it sort of confirms that I still know a little something about how their interior lives work. The young dudes and wife aren’t strangers to me, yet.

After a fantastic, traditional dinner of lasagna and spiral-cut ham and more present opening with my fantastic in-laws and wonderful sister-in-law and her beau, the immediate Jones family hit the theater to watch a very Christmas-y movie: True Grit, starring Jeff Bridges. I’ll be back with more on that later, but, for now, let’s just say that the remake has made the original version useful only as a curiosity. It was fantastic.

When we came out of the movie, it had started to snow and didn’t stop until the morning after. The best part, though, was getting to watch the Dr. Who Christmas special on the actual Christmas day instead of surfing the net, looking for badly filmed copies of copies and hoping we could understand it. The young dudes and I are huge Dr. Who fans and that was a great episode. Full of fun, quick, clever dialogue, great moments and more than a little silliness, specifically being towed through the air in a carriage pulled by a shark. Sense? No. Wonderful? Oh, my, yes.

And a wonderful couple of days after Christmas to you dudes as well.

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