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Sunday Serenade: Stay

by Richard

My mom was a big fan of the classic rock, dudes. And one of her favorites was Jackson Browne. When my sister and I gave Mom an iPod for Christmas a couple of years ago, one of the first bands she demanded be put on there was Jackson Browne.

Hard as it is to believe, she was able to pass down her love for the J.B. to me and, through me, to the rest of the young dudes in my family. We’re all big fans.

As we were getting ready to say our final, public good-byes to Mom yesterday, I heard this song on the radio and I just started crying. It was Jackson Browne and he was asking people to stay. Just stay a little longer. And for those eight minutes, I wanted nothing more than to say the same thing to my mom.

She couldn’t play the piano anymore and her singing could have been used as a great way to pry information out of those folks undergoing enhanced interrogation techniques, but, FSM, that song was her. At least for those eight minutes. And I had her there and then I had to let her go.

Because she couldn’t stay. Not even just a little longer.

So, here. It’s Jackson Browne. Enjoy.

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