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Dude Review: The Snugg iPad Case

Gadgets, to paraphrase the inimitable Gordon Gecko, are good.

I love gadgets, dudes. I really, really do.

I mean, if I had the money, I’d probably have tablets of all sizes littering the floor of Casa de Dude, not to mention smart watches scattered over the top of my desk, futurephones of all sizes and operating systems, computers of all sizes. . . You name it. If it’s tech and it’s cool, I’d love to have it.

Even better than all the tech, is all the goodies that go along with the hardware.

Which brings me to today’s post. I was contacted by The Snugg, a website that offers for sale a bunch of goodies that go along with the iPhone, iPad and iPad mini, along with other similar tech. The Sugg offers some tremendously cool carrying cases and physical extensions for said tablet/phone tech.

Apparently knowing of my proclivity toward tech stuff, a member of the The Snugg team contacted me and asked if I’d like to try out one of their products.409_129939273053106250iPad3-Lead

I couldn’t say yes fast enough. Thinking ahead, I decided to test out and keep the case for the iPad 3. In pink. Yeah, dudes, I was planning on having She Who Must Be Appeased do the testing and then keep the nice gift. All on the QT, of course. As far as she’s concerned, I’m just — out of the blue — purchasing a lovely new pink case for her iPad.

So, uh. . . Let’s just keep this between ourselves, yeah?

Not the case, though. That you can shout to the far corners. Known formally as the Snugg iPad3 Case Cover and Flip Stand in Candy Pink PU Leather, I quickly learned to love the case.

This is a very nice carrying case for the iPad. For starters, it’s a truly gorgeous shade of pink. When I opened the box, I was almost shocked by the very pinkness of the thing. When The Snugg said the case was pink, I’ll admit, I was a bit hesitant to believe.

This, though, was a hot pink all the way through. Lined with a soft covering inside to protect the iPad screen, the case cover has an exterior made from PU Leather. It doesn’t stink, but I’m guessing the PU means this isn’t real leather. That’s all right, though.

The case feels like real leather, but it’s exceedingly resistant to damage. Not that I intentionally tried to damage the case, but life in Casa de Dude is tough. Stuff happens. Like, all the time. You know?

This case? It stood up to all the stuff and came through looking sweet. Metaphorically smelling like the proverbial pink rose, if I can be allowed to mix a really horrible metaphor and, considering this is my site, I’m going to say I can. I can.

Moving on.

In addition to a good look and feel, the case cover also is a nicely working piece of kit. When you close the cover, a magnet in the cover clicks with the iPad and turns it off. When you open the cover, the reverse works and the iPad turns on, ready for you to get to work.

Now, I got my (or should I say, She Who Must Be Feeling Pretty Good About Me Right Around Now’s case) for free, but you can get it right now for only $34.99, which is a good $15 off it’s normal price. In addition, provided you plunk down a bit more than that $15, you’ll get free shipping to go along with the The Snugg‘s lifetime guarantee.

All in all, I’d say this is a very sweet deal. Provided the rest of the The Snugg‘s products live up to the high standards set with my iPad 3 case cover, I’m pretty sure we can give this a very high recommendation.

Head on over to The Snugg’s website and give the place a look. I think you’ll be glad you did.

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Saturday Funnies: Dude

by Richard

Sometimes I get bored. Sometimes when I’m bored, I’ll start flicking through the google machine and see what’s the haps, as the young dudes say.

With that in mind, I started flicking through the image results that came up when I googled one word: Dude.

It might not surprise some of you to learn that, no A Dude’s Guide wasn’t on the front page. Most of that front page was taken up by images of one Jeffrey Lebowski, known now and forever as the Dude, played by the inimitable Jeff Bridges in full-on spacer mode. If you’ve never seen it (then you can’t be Zippy the Monkey Boy who watches this movie at least once a month), then you’re really missing out on a surreal, spacey trip through the life of a seriously left-behind loser. It’s also funnier than heck.

Anyway, type in dude to the google machine and you get some interesting images. Like this:

Who would have ever thought there was  Jeffrey Lebowski action figure? Not me, dude, that’s for sure. Especially an action figure that comes with removable White Russian, the preferred drink of the Dude.

We’ve also got this:

Obama’s got nothing on this cat.

Of course, as with all google machine image searches, there’s always the probability (not possibility, but probability) that you’ll run into something more than a little vaguely disturbing. Evidence for this assertion? Why, the following, silly dude.

With American Idol finally over, I thought I’d finally be rid of that, that, that whatever the heck thing that is. Seriously, dude needs to stop getting work done. After a while, you’ve just got to declare defeat, muster up as much dignity as you’ve still got the shreds of, and mope on home. He is long past that time.

So, off with you. To the google machine for a little fun. Go. Enjoy.

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Sunday Serenade: We Are The Champions

by Richard

In honor of the Messenger spacecraft achieving orbit around the planet Mercury, I thought you might enjoy a bit of one of the most-played songs at sporting events in the last couple of decades.

It’s We Are The Champions by Queen. So, why this particular song, I hear you dudes asking? Well, it should be fairly obvious. See, the front man, that is, lead singer for Queen is none other than the inimitable Freddy Mercury. What? You were expecting something profound? Wrong website for that, dude.

Anyway, here’s the official live video of Queen performing We Are The Champions. Enjoy.

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