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Independence Day: Library For All

Happy Independence Day, my fellow Americans.

Normally, I’d take this as a day off so I could be outside blowing stuff up with my young dudes. And, realistically, I will be doing that. However, I wanted to talk first a little about a different kind of independence.

The independence that knowledge brings, and how our modern world can bring itself to the doorstep of anyone. You can help educate the world. You know I’m a huge believer in the healing power of education. I believe, and science will back me up on this, that better education can reduce crime rates, foster a better sense of self, inspire self-confidence, create jobs, raise people out of poverty. All of that.

And with out flourishing market for tablets and e-readers, we have the capability to bring that education to anywhere in the world. No longer would we have to cart a two-ton set of Encyclopedia Britannica around, only to watch the pages moulder in the heat and humidity. We can bring that entire set, plus every single other book in the Library of Congress, on a single e-reader.

The world’s knowledge in the palm of your hand.

Which is why I’m talking to you today about Library for All: A digital library for the developing world, which is a Kickstarter project, which still is short of its goal, that is designed to bring a library of world knowledge to the very poorest people, those most in need of the ameliorating effects of education.

From the project designers: We are harnessing the power of technology, and mobile phone networks found across the developing world, to give low-cost access to a digital library of relevant content. 

The library brings together content from Open Source providers and top global publishers. It is designed for low-bandwidth environments through the use of a local network topology. The platform is designed to be device agnostic. That means it can be accessed via mobile phones, e-readers or even low-cost tablets.

This is a worthy effort here, dudes. It NEEDS your support. Even a few dollars, every few dollars helps. The fine folks running this program have only a little more than 8 days left to make their funding goal. They’re still short. The even better news is that donating to Library For All is tax deductible. It can actually help you, when you help others.

On this Independence Day for America, why not give a little of yourself to support the independence of the rest of the world. Education is something worth fighting for. Education is something that can make fighting itself a relic of the past.

Education is the pathway to a better future. Donate. Become a backer. It’s not hard. Ten minutes, tops. That’s all it takes to help spread the independence we so treasure to others around the world.

Independence, freedom, can never be given to someone. It must be earned. Help them earn their freedom, to earn independence from poverty and oppression.

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Independence Day

The aliens have arrived. We’ve found a signal in the static. It’s a countdown. I’m sure it’s nothing, though. They’d never have a saucer hovering over the White House if they meant us harm. Right?



Well, I guess it’s a good thing I’m not talking about the movie, Independence Day, but rather about the holiday of the same name.

Yes, I love July 4th and not just because it’s a good day to blow stuff up. Well, a particularly good day to blow stuff up. I mean, let’s face it: every day is a good day to blow stuff up.

Quick question: Do they have July 4th in England? Not-so-quick answer: Yes, of course. It comes right between July 3rd and July 5th. They just don’t celebrate American independence day on July 4th. Heh. Trick question.

Anyway, I do love Independence Day. I’m not one of those “‘Murica, love it or leave it” types, but I do love this country. Despite all the flaws, it’s a great place to be. Let me paraphrase an old saying: America is the worst country in the world, excpet for all the others. Yes, our country’s face is full of warts, but it’s a nice face anyway. Especially now that we’re not actively torturing people. Sorry. Politics just slipped out.

Moving on. I love this country so much I’m willing to sacrafice any kind of important content so I can go out, cook on the grill, blow stuff up with the little dudes and eat Fresca Floats, which really are better than they sound.

You need to get out there as well. Go. Have fun.

— Richard

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