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Charlotte Parent: Driven Insane

Being a stay-at-home dude can be dangerous.

I’m not just talking about dangerous to your sense of cool or self-esteem. No, I’m discussing actual loss-of-life-and/or-limb dangerous.

Mostly because when you’re the stay-at-home parent of a household, you’re the one expected to do all the driving instruction for the spawn once they become old enough to endanger others behind the wheel.

Today, over at Charlotte Parent, I’ll be talking about whether or not I will survive teaching a third boy to drive. As usual, I’ll be blogging under our Stay-At-Home Dudes column name.

Come on over and join the conversation. I’d love to hear any stories you might have about the process. Or maybe some hints on how to stay sane this time around.

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More Fathers Staying Home To Raise Little Dudes

I’m sure the only reason the following story ran last Sunday was because it was, in fact, Father’s Day and newspapers are notorious for noticing some huge trend that everyone else has been following for a long while, writing about it in a big way and then conveniently forgetting about it until the next holiday comes around.

Hello, Father’s Day and men staying home to raise their children.

I know I wasn’t all that unusual, other than being exceptional, you know, when I decided to stay home with the little dudes way back in the previous century. I love being able to say that. The previous century. As if that was all that long ago.

Anyway, there it was on Sunday in the St. Augustine Record, in a lovely little story by Sheldon Gardner.

Apparently, men are staying home and taking care of the kids. I know. Shocking, right?

“More and more fathers are full-time caregivers to their children either because their wives work or their female partners work outside the home,” said Krista Paulsen, chair and associate professor of the Department of Sociology & Anthropology at the University of North Florida.

Becoming more outdated is the family model with a reserved father whose main role is provider, Paulsen said. Men are contributing more time to child care and are becoming more enthusiastic about it.

“Their attitudes about parenting change quite a bit,” she said.

It seems there are a couple of reasons for this “sudden” influx of men into the household. For starters, some men want to be home for their little dudes and dudettes more than their fathers were. I can understand that one. I mean, my dad was there for me, but it was only by working his butt off to make it that he was able to be there. His job tried to keep him away a lot more than he wanted.

Another reason is that more families are finding that they have to have both parents work to support the family. Or that the woman in the relationship is making more money than the man of the family. (Hello!)

(Jeff) Tarr (a stay-at-home dad profiled in the story) has also realized the negative perceptions that some people have of stay-at-home fathers. Some people have told him that men are supposed to be the primary workers. Some people think he just hangs out all day.

They don’t know what it takes, he said. Choosing to be a stay-at-home dad forced him to put down his ego and do what is best for his family, he said.

“Being the man of the house may mean you have to stay at home,” he said.

Interesting call there from Mr. Tarr. I think I’d like this dude.

So there you go. It’s a brand-new thing, dudes staying home to be dads. Glad the newspaper discovered it. It will now be unremarked upon for the next year until we near Father’s Day once again. Can’t wait.

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Avenging. . Stuff. You Know, Like You Do

by Richard

Today is a day long awaited at La Casa de Dude. It’s the day when stuff gets avenged by the Avengers.

Yeah, it’s the first really big comic-book movie of the summer and it’s the one the young dudes and I have been waiting for with the most impatience and the greatest degree of enthusiasm.

I mean, Hyper Lad and I went out earlier this week to Walmart and actually purchased our own mystical hammers of Thor. You know, so we could bust on stuff. I would have purchased the Hulk Hands, but I know from past experience that those tend to make the person wearing them start pounding on the person in the household who least wants to get hit with Hulk Hands. Let’s just say She Who Was Not Amused was not amused.

So, yeah. We’re ready for this sucker to open up and get our avenging on.

All of which is to say, I’m outta here.

No post of any importance (as if any of the others were important at all) today as we’re all headed down to the local multiplex to enjoy the sight of Thor, Captain American, Iron Man, Hulk Black Widow, Hawkeye and Nick Fury all avenging stuff.

Aw, yeah!

This is going to be good.

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