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Dude Review: Divine Cupcakes And Yogurt Cafe

by Richard

Let’s start off with the most obvious pun: Yes, these cupcakes are divine.

I don’t know what it is, but suddenly cupcakes seem to be all the rage in the confectionary circles. There seems to be cupcake stores opening on just about every corner. Okay, maybe not every corner, but there are cupcake stores opening in a lot of places.

Maybe it’s because you can carry away a cupcake in your hands and eat it on the way to the car, as opposed to a cake, which must be carried carefully and eaten at home. Or maybe it’s just that cupcakes are delicious and wonderful and so very much fun. Or it could be that I’ve bought into the cupcake myth, but, oh, my, I do love the frosting and the cake. So, yeah, I’m just the right kind of mark to fall and fall hard for a good cupcake.

I guess I’m lucky, then, that Divine Cupcake and Yogurt Cafe serves a darn fine cupcake.

Located at 1315 East Boulevard, Suite #170, Divine Cupcake and Yogurt Cafe offers — oddly enough — cupcakes and soft-serve frozen yogurt in a variety of styles.

The first thing you notice when you walk into the Cafe is this is every bit the trendy, arty store you might expect to be newly opened in the Dilworth area of Charlotte. And it is. Opened less than a month ago, Divine Cupcake and Yogurt Cafe has a wall devoted to local artists, arty cupcake sculptures hanging from the ceiling and a wonderful pop-art sensibility cupcaked to the walls.

But enough about the surroundings, let’s talk taste. The Cafe offers mini, regular and jumbo cupcakes at reasonable prices, both for the single fix and for multipacks. They also offer pull-apart cakes, that is, cakes made from cupcakes. Which means you can do away with the knife and just grab bits of the cake to eat. I can think of a lot of kids to whom this will be their idea of heaven. Not to mention a few adults who’ll be salivating just at the idea, much less the taste.

And the taste, which I sampled on my second, secret appearance (more about that later), is fantastic. They offer everything from the standard red velvet to berry cream cheese and Boston cream varieties. Check out the menu on their website.

The great thing about the Divine Cupcake and Yogurt Cafe is in their name. Not only do they offer great cupcakes, they also have a rotating selection of soft-serve frozen yogurt and a bewildering selection of toppings to go with it.

This place gets the full-on dude recommend. It’s a great atmosphere, great cupcakes and great yogurt. Go eat there. Now. You’ll be glad you did.

And, as for the reason I had to go back a second, secret time? Well, that’s because the first time I went there, I was an invited guest. See, they were silly crazy uninformed nice enough to invite me there to read to a bunch of preschoolers. I guess no one learned after the Riot of ’09. But more  on that tomorrow.

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Sunday Serenade: Rock-Glee Horror

by Richard

You’ve got your chocolate in my peanut butter, dudes. Or, one of my favorite shows — Glee — just had an episode homaging one of my favorite movies — The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

The results (speaking only of the musical numbers here because, let’s face it, the plot was pretty lame) were spectacular.

I will stand behind no preadolescent girl in my love for Glee, the musical/drama/comedy show showing on Fox most Tuesdays. I’ll also fight just about any transvestite for the title of biggest fan of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Combine the two — well — and I’m in heaven. Or some reasonable facsimile thereof.

In fact, most of my house was pretty pumped up for the show. Before it aired, Zippy the Monkey Boy and I watched the original Rocky Horror musical. I had to be physically restrained from shouting out my own lines at the screen and dancing along. For some reason, this made Zippy the Monkey Boy a bit uncomfortable.

Anyway. Here’s a nice video of the Glee cast doing the Time Warp. Again.

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Father’s Day Post By Speed Racer

not by Richard

I’m just here for a short sentence or two. Today we’ve got a guest blogger. My youngest little dude, Speed Racer, had to write an essay as a bit of a get-ready-for-school session. Here’s what he came up with. I’m just so proud, I had to share it with you.

by Speed Racer (who’s looking for a new blogname)

It can be hard in a large family to find something to do that everyone will like. My dad might think the same thing would have been fun for us when I think it’s totally lame. For instance, my dad thought it was a good idea to go to the library for two hours. Boring! The one time we could all agree on is going to Heroes Con.

On Saturday morning, me and my family got in a car to go to Heroes Con — all except for my mom, who was at a triathlon. Which probably no one at Heroes Con has ever been to. Heroes Con is the third-biggest gathering of nerds in the country. Heroes Con is where you can buy comicbooks and meet comic book writers. My dad is the one who introduced us to comics so we are big fans.

As I looked into the window that peered over Heroes Con, I saw a different reality full of geeks, just like me. As I walked through the doors, I thought I just walked into geek heaven. There were people dressed up, more than 1,000 booths and a giant wall of t-shirts. My brothers took off so me and my dad looked around at the thousands of booths. I enjoyed spending time with my dad — this was a much better idea than going to the library.

Then me and my dad found the greatest booth of all — the Dr. McNinja booth. Dr. McNinja is a doctor and a ninja, all at once. We met the person who did Dr. McNinja, Chris Hastings. He signed our book and gave us a shirt. We even shook his hand. It was awesome.

Going to Heroes Con was the best because I got to spend time with my family and get comics. If your going to geek up like me — do it with your friends and family.

Richard says: Happy Father’s Day to all you dad dudes out there. It’s a great day. Enjoy!

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