You Will Believe. . .

Superman can do anything, but the one thing he does that everybody wants to do is this: He flies. The freedom he has to take off and just fly wherever he wants, whenever he wants. . . The ability to cruise the heavens and drift over the poor souls trapped at the bottom of Earth's gravity well, … Continue reading

I’m Melting

by Richard No, I'm not the Wicked Witch of the whatever direction it is that doesn't like water and reacts badly to a little improvisational comedy in the vein of the Three Stooges. That is, the one that melts when water gets thrown on her. I'm just talking about the heat. That terrible, … Continue reading

I Used To Like Learning

by Richard I used to think I would always love to learn. My idea of heaven would be living in a university, taking any class I wanted and never having to worry about graduating. So, learning good. Until I took this vacation with Zippy the Monkey Boy to San Francisco. Over the last year or so, … Continue reading

Scooby Don’t

by Richard The whole point of Scooby Doo is that there is a rational explanation for everything. In fact, it's rather a succinct refutation of the notion of the existence of God. Although that's probably not what the creators intended. No, seriously. Think about it. If we disregard the … Continue reading