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Be There And Be Square

I gotta tell you dudes, I’m pretty sure it’s the coolest thing to come out of the information revolution so far.

I’m talking about the little Square dongle you plug into the headphones jack of your futurephone. Then, you can use to swipe a credit card or debit card and accept payment from anyone and do it anywhere.

I will never not think that’s cool.

But I’m not here to pimp Square. I’m here to pimp A Dude’s Guide to Babies on Square. Subtle difference.

The Square Marketplace is an online place for people to hawk their wares that they’ve been selling via Square. Pretty cool idea, I thought, which is why I went ahead and listed the book there.

You ought to give it a shot, even if you don’t decide to buy a book through the marketplace.

Heck, if you’re thinking of buying a book, you can even get an autographed copy right here on the site. All you’ve got to do is click on that little Paypal text box over there to the right, keep clicking through and we’ll send you an autographed copy of the only book a new dad ever needs to read.

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The Bane Of The 21st Century

by Richard

After about a decade of service, most of the lives of our little dudes, we decided to get a new car back in 2007. My wife, known to me as She Who Must Be Out Of Her Mind, was insisting on an SUV.

Something about how, being a dude I’d be more comfortable driving one of those. However, being the person primarily responsible for driving our now-not-so-little dudes around, I knew a minivan would provide more room for them so stretch out and not be in each other’s face during long trips. I also had a lot invested in trying to live up to the minivans are cool philosophy I’d been trying to convince other people about.

It’s true. Minivans are cool. (Rinse. Repeat.)

Anyway, while I liked the idea of automatic sliding doors and better gas mileage, the little dudes were most excited about the idea that the new Jonesmobile would have a DVD player installed inside the car. They loved the thought that they could watch TV while riding in the car. For them, that was really the arrival of the future in their lives.

We all remember our own childhood car experiences. Long trips with the family. Sitting in the back seat, no seat belts of course, trying to keep down the greasy hamburger while jerking back and forth on the busted shocks and rusting springs. Trying to move your head in rhythm to the car while keeping track of the words dancing on the page in your lap. Playing car games, counting license plates from Arizona or somewhere else exotic. Good times. Good times.

I also remember getting yelled at a lot by my parents because my sister was such a jerk. What? Well, it’s the way I remember it.

Now, though, we can take long, long drives, trips to anywhere, and have almost absolute quiet as the little dudes sit, strapped into their seats, staring slack jawed at the DVD screen and listening to their headphones. An actual quiet vacation drive. It was kind of creepy for the first couple of times not to have to break up fights every seven minutes. Now we only had to worry every hour and a half or so when they had to decide on the next movie.

It’s all good, yeah? No. Not really.

Because now the little dudes expect to be watching something every time they get in the car. If I let them, they’ll have a movie or Mythbusters DVD running at all times. Take a five-minute trip to the grocery store? They’re watching a movie. Drive to the movie theater? They’re watching a DVD movie in the back seat on the way there.

This constant need to be entertained in the car is getting on my nerve a bit. I barely get to hear a word from them during any car ride. I never thought I’d start to miss the sound of them yelling during a car ride.

So, what about you? Is the advent of the in-car DVD a good thing for you?

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Face To Keyboard

by Richard

I can’t believe I forgot this. Saturday, you know, two days ago? Well, it was the first day of Spring.


Well, not really woo-hoo. I mean, I’ll miss winter, seeing as that’s why we all moved to North Carolina. So we could get the occasional snow and stuff like that. But I’ll certainly be glad to be able to walk around in just jeans and a shirt.

No jacket required. (Congrats to Phil Collins and the rest of Genesis for getting into the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame. Get it? A Phil Collins joke? [OMFSM, I’m old.])

Spring. When little bunnies start thinking about finding other little bunnies and bounding through the sweet green grass and then falling on each other in an orgy (possibly literally) of hot, sweet bunny love. Those little cotton tails rubbing together. . .

Ahem. Sorry. I don’t know what came over me. Something to do with Spring, I’m guessing. Or possibly, looking forward to the first of May. (Most definitely NSFW. Turn your speakers down or put on headphones before clicking.)

Ah, Spring.

Now, put down your computer and head outside. Even if only for a quick flower break. You won’t regret it. Unless you’re at work and you get fired or something. Then I’ll deny ever having said this.

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