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Lurchers To The Left, Lurchers To The Right, Moan Now Moan Now Bite, Bite Bite

by Richard

I’ve talked to you dudes before about how zombies seem to be lurching into our lives from all over on the cultural map. It’s only getting worse. It seems there’s an entire race series based around the idea that we need to get away from zombies.

No. Really.

It’s the Run For Your Lives race, which is described as “a zombie-infested 5k obstacle course run.” Which, you know, pretty much says it all.

According to the event’s website, there’s already 12 races of this type from Massachusetts to Washington, from Minnesota to Florida, and many parts in between. That’s a lot of areas and that’s a lot of people who think it would be fun to run five kilometers as hard as they can and, when they’re least expecting it, have to sprint their way out of the clutches of a couple of roamers, while also climbing over and digging under obstacles.

Zombies. Sheesh, dudes, they’re everywhere.

Isn’t it awesome?

All right, I’ll admit the ubiquitous nature of today’s Romeroian zombies can get a bit on your nerves if you’re not careful, but, I mean, come on. The idea of going for a 5k competition run, trying to cope with an obstacle course at the same time and getting ambushed by zombies. . . To me, that’s just complete awesome.

I think if these people ever have a Run For Your Lives event near North Carolina, and I’m talking only a state away, I’m in. I probably won’t finish, but I have a feeling I’ll have a great time.


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One Of Us, One Of Us

by Richard

Sorry for the interruption here, dudes and dudettes, but I thought I’d take a little time to let you know that The Dude’s Guide here isn’t the only place you can find us on the web. We’re everywhere in a couple of places that would allow us in.

Sorry. Pushing for a bit more honesty and a bit less hyperbole about now.

Okay. That’s done. Wow, thought it was the end of the world there for a bit.


The dudes are on a couple of different places and I thought I’d let you know about a couple of them.

The Dude’s Guide has a fan page on on a certain website the name of which I’m not allowed to mention. (Don’t ask why. It’s boring.) I know. Hard to believe. They’ve such stringent standards to uphold before they’ll let you set up a fan page.

We’re also on Twitter. Search for rjones64. Or you can just go right here.

We’re also down with a couple of newer formats.

Over on formspring, I’m answering all sorts of questions. Seriously. Go onto formspring.me and search for Richard E.D. Jones (my writerly name) or rjones64. You also can click here. Do either of those things and then you can ask me anything. Odds are, I’ll probably answer. Unless this is you Franko. You know I can’t talk to you about it without our lawyers present. Or the penguin. Either way, I’m not responding to you.

Finally, we’re also up on the google+ thingy, which is trying to beat the face off that certain social networking site that keeps getting hits about its privacy settings. It’s a nice enough platform and it might actually grow for now, but I think MySpace still is the king, as the kids all say. Right? Anyway, you can look for Richard Jones there as well. Or, to make it easier, just click here.

So, the next time you’re bored and surfing the internet, just click on a few of those places. It’ll probably be more of the same old stuff, but it will have the virtue of being on a different platform at least.

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