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Over There? No. Maybe Under The Couch. . .

by Richard

Just wondering where the time went.

There I was, up in the wilds of Northern Idaho with Sarcasmo and the lovely, soon-to-be-and-currently-one-year-older-than-spring-chicken-me She Who Must Be Whimsical To Be Catered To, making sure to post just about every day, when . . . boom.

Suddenly, here it is Wednesday and I’ve been missing for a day and a half.


Not much else I can say. Getting back into the swing of things at Wonderful Elementary School, getting back into the groove with some of the coolest kids I’ve ever met (plus some teachers), and making sure Hyper Lad and Buzz, The Garbage Disposal That Walks Like A Dog, are all right. . .

That seems to take up a bit of attention. If you know what I mean. And even if not. It still commands some attention.

Even more, Zippy the College Boy came home from University of North Carolina Wilmington last night, courtesy of the neighbors, and proceeded to bring havoc back with him. It seems we’d become used to the relative quiet.

Because when Zippy the College Boy came home, so too did the Posse, a group of three to four boys around Zippy the College Boy’s age, and so too did the chaos. In only a short few weeks, it seems as if I’d forgotten just how loud four to five mid-to-late teens can become.

Very, just in case you dudes were wondering.


So now I’m sitting in the relative quiet of the early morning. Zippy the College Boy is doing what college boys since time immemorial have done: sleeping. Hyper Lad and his semi-constant companion Tip are passed out in the Creature Cave, following a late-night sleepover full of killing and blood. (On a video game.) And She Who Must Be Off is away to work.

Things are — for now — quiet.

Which means it’s time to catch up.

Which means it’s time for me to be off. I’ve got people to do and things to see. And so I will.

And also will be back tomorrow, when we talk about giving thanks.

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The Last Panda Post. Promise.

by Richard

Look, dudes, sometimes you just get into a groove. I mean, it’s happened to you dudes before, right? Right? I’m not alone in this one am I?

Well, regardless. Let’s consider this the last panda post for a considerable time. This one is just a whole lot of fun, though.

Kung Fu Panda was a really good movie, both the original and the sequel. Oddly. I mean, most sequels are trash and animated movies doubly so. This one, though, this one actually came through.

And, considering the title, it was only a matter of time until someone merged the visuals with the iconic music of Carl Douglas. You know the one I mean.


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Back Up To Speed

by Richard

It’s tough, returning from a vacation and trying to get back up to speed on just what’s been going on in your absence.

It’s even more of a challenge to keep a happy face on while you’re doing so.

For instance, Hyper Lad has an iPod Touch, which is basically an iPhone but without the ability to make telephone calls. The problem I have with it is that it also has a lot of games on it. Games which Hyper Lad will play for hours and hours and hours and hours until I or another adult tell the little dude to knock it off.

He knows that he’s not supposed to take the iPod Touch to bed with him because I want him to sleep. While I wasn’t here, though, he was able to sweet talk his grandmother and mom into letting him take it to bed. Most likely he just didn’t tell them about it and took it to bed without them knowing.

When I got home, he tried to tell me how he’d taken the iPod Touch to bed with him, but still got up on time and wasn’t sleepy. The problem for the little dude was that this meant he had been disobeying the house rules, which is what got focused on more than the fact that he got up.

He’s not the only slacker around Casa Dude. Not that I’m calling them all slackers, but I did find that things that I normally do when I’m here didn’t get done when I was gone. So I have to ease them and me back into the groove we’d established before the vacation.

It was different when I was working outside the house. Then I hated to take vacations because I’d always be afraid the bosses would discover that they really didn’t need me and I wouldn’t have a job when I got back. It’s not paranoia. Well, okay, maybe it was.

Anyway, it’s something to remember when you’re planning on going away. Always budget some time when you get back for getting back into the swing of life at home without a mai tai.

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