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Showing Off At The Expo

This is a report, live from the Baby Shower & Toddler Expo. Well, not live, per se. But live in that I’m sitting at our table in the Expo while I’m typing this.

Don’t you just love technology? Out somewhere far away from electricity and internet communication and yet I’m still able to get across all this great stuff. Okay, fine. For certain very not great values of great, but you get the idea.
Barry and I went down to the Baby Shower & Toddler Expo at the Park Convention Center in Charlotte to tell people about our book, A Dude’s Guide to Babies. And maybe sell a few. We did.

I also discovered that I still have an exceedingly low tolerance for kiddie music. Not music that kids like, but music specifically designed for something to which kids should listen.

You know the kind.

We were serenaded by a kid puppet show at least four times during the Expo. Four times, these giant-headed puppet things came out and, in squeaky high voices pitched in such a way to be deliberately horrifying to adult ears.
And then they sang. Well, they did have a human singer and he was good, actually. Quite good. But the puppet things. Their loud, loud recorded voices. . .

I learned that not only is Hell real, it has a house band.

But enough whining. No, seriously. Enough whining. I’m not kidding.

Barry and I had a great time talking to the dudes who walked past our booth. We met a lot of really interesting folks, both pregnant and not-pregnant.

Not only that, but we managed to meet most of the other exhibitors and found them to be a really nice bunch of people. Lots of cool things on offer, including some astonishingly creative and talented photographers. More about whom later.

I also learned that I still have an amazingly soft spot for little babies. They’re so little and so cute and so soft and. . . Well, suffice to say, I quite enjoyed seeing them toddle by. Even better when their moms and dads stopped by the booth and I got to say hi. Even better, I got to let go of them and watch them wander off with their parents before they started screaming, fussing and needing to be changed. Yeah, grandparents really do seem to have the right idea.
Now the only question we’re left with is, do we go down to Atlanta for the next Expo? Long drive, overnight. Long hours. On the plus side, I’d not have to cook anyone’s meals and be able to control the remote. Maybe, maybe.

If you’re one of the folks Barry and I met down at the Expo, thanks so much for stopping by. It was great meeting all of you. If you’re the one who stayed away. . . We have a very particular set of skills. We will find you. We will k–
You know what? That really doesn’t work if you don’t have Liam Neeson’s voice.

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A Dude’s Guide To Babies

by Richard

For those of you observant dudes, you might have noticed a little something over there to the right of this column with the fresh words in it.

Maybe Richard. No way it's Barry.

Yeah, that’s it. The picture of the good-looking dude (who’s obviously not me or Barry) holding up the diaper-clad baby. Yeah, dudes, that’s the cover to the book Barry and I have authored. It’s called, surprisingly, A Dude’s Guide to Babies and it’s all about how dudes can be involved in the raising of their children and do it without anyone getting killed.

We do have slightly lower standards than do the ladies.


Barry and I are quite proud (the word hubris has come up on occasion) of the book. It’s not only a great resource, but it’s guaranteed to have you laugh a time or two while you’re reading it. Or even when you contemplate the fact that some sucker actually spent good money on it.

Well, a laugh until you realize you’re the one who bought the book.

The book is available for pre-order from Amazon and from Barnes & Noble. What are you waiting for? Click the links above and get started. What? You want another reason to go out and purchase this wonderful book? Okay, fine.

Great resource. Great time. That’s two.

Sounds like it has the makings of a great gift. If you think that, well you’re really, really, really correct. CORRECT, even.

It will be hitting shelves, both real and virtual, in spring of 2013, just in time for Father’s Day. Did we mention that it would make a great gift for the dad-to-be in your life? Or an even better for the dude with a brand-new baby who’s panicking more than a little about the changes that have descended into his life?


Good gift.

A Dude’s Guide to Babies. Go buy it now for delivery the day it’s released. You’ll be glad you did.

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Lurchers To The Left, Lurchers To The Right, Moan Now Moan Now Bite, Bite Bite

by Richard

I’ve talked to you dudes before about how zombies seem to be lurching into our lives from all over on the cultural map. It’s only getting worse. It seems there’s an entire race series based around the idea that we need to get away from zombies.

No. Really.

It’s the Run For Your Lives race, which is described as “a zombie-infested 5k obstacle course run.” Which, you know, pretty much says it all.

According to the event’s website, there’s already 12 races of this type from Massachusetts to Washington, from Minnesota to Florida, and many parts in between. That’s a lot of areas and that’s a lot of people who think it would be fun to run five kilometers as hard as they can and, when they’re least expecting it, have to sprint their way out of the clutches of a couple of roamers, while also climbing over and digging under obstacles.

Zombies. Sheesh, dudes, they’re everywhere.

Isn’t it awesome?

All right, I’ll admit the ubiquitous nature of today’s Romeroian zombies can get a bit on your nerves if you’re not careful, but, I mean, come on. The idea of going for a 5k competition run, trying to cope with an obstacle course at the same time and getting ambushed by zombies. . . To me, that’s just complete awesome.

I think if these people ever have a Run For Your Lives event near North Carolina, and I’m talking only a state away, I’m in. I probably won’t finish, but I have a feeling I’ll have a great time.


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