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Educated In The U.S.A.

I grew up and went to school in Texas.

My young dudes have grown up and gone to school in North Carolina. My wife, known to me as She Who Must Be Getting A Bit Fed Up With This, grew up and went to school in Florida.

If the rankings of these respective states is to be believed, and I do, then it’s an astonishing miracle-like happening that any of the young dudes in our family can tie their shoelaces without drooling all over their shoes and forgetting what they’re supposed to be doing halfway through.

Education, in North Carolina, Texas and Florida is, to put it bluntly, being run on the cheap. Don’t believe me?

Here, check out this compelling infographic.

Produced By Best Education Degrees

Florida is the highest ranked of the three and it’s up there in the heady heights of 39th place, which is crappy at the very best.

I realize that not everything comes down to how much money gets spent on education, but it doesn’t help when our state government won’t put out the money to make a better school system. If we paid teachers more money, we could more easily retain the best teachers, those who would actually motivate students to learn and achieve more.

The results speak for themselves, I’m thinking. Money can’t buy you success, but it can sure make it easier for you to get there.

Talk to your state and local representatives today, dudes. Get on their case until they start spending enough to give our kids a real, first-class education.

For those of you interested in the provenance of the data, go ahead and click on the more button just down there.

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From Paramecia To Prayer

by Richard

Zippy the College Boy has known what he wanted to do since he turned two. That was the year that his birthday was all bugs. The little dude had bug wrapping paper, goodie bags made out of bug hutches, bugs on his shirt and a (realistic, but fake) bug on his birthday cake.

The little dude knew he was going to do something with animals. They were going to be his life. Eventually, he grew out of bugs. Mostly I blame the late Steve Irwin.

Once Zippy the College Boy found Steve Irwin, with the exuberant Australian’s love of animals on display for the world to see, Zippy the College Boy began to see that he would be happier working with larger animals. For a while it was crocodilians (benefiting from Steve Irwin’s nom-de-boob tube, The Crocodile Hunter), but then it settled down to marine animals.

That, the nascent Zippy the College Boy decided, was what he was going to do. He was going to go to college and get a degree in marine science, then go on to get a master’s and a doctorate degree. Then, he was certain, he would go on to be the next Steve Irwin, sharing his love of and knowledge about animals with a large and growing worldwide audience.

That’s why he’s at University of North Carolina Wilmington, one of the country’s premier marine science programs. Heck, he even went to summer camp there for four years in a row because they have a marine themed fun-study camp based in the water and the sand of the Atlantic Ocean.

He never wavered.

Which made me sure his devotion to his chosen path wouldn’t make it through college. I mean, check me if I’m wrong here, dudes, but college is for exploration. That’s where you flail around the undergraduate catalog and try out a lot of different stuff before finding the thing you love. Or at least the thing you can mostly stomach and will eventually help you make a living. I just had a feeling about the boy.

I thought he was going to fall in love with theater or something along those lines, especially considering that Wilmington is one of the biggest film centers outside of Hollywood. Turns out, not so much.

Zippy the College Boy has gone even farther afield. Even before the end of his first semester, he’s decided he’d like to major in comparative religions.

Yeah. There’s a lot of people willing to pay big bucks to the holder of a bachelor of the arts degree in comparative religions. At least he’s salting that degree path with excursions into such well-paying fields as sociology and anthropology.

This too shall pass, I’m sure.

Still, it’s going to be interesting watching him move from major to major until his hours mount and the college starts talking graduation ready or not. Or he realizes he’d better graduate ’cause Mommy and Daddy ain’t paying for more school.

Hey, maybe that’s why we have kids. So we’ll have a nice spectator sport to watch as we grow older.

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At The Lake

by Richard

Is there anything more relaxing, fraught with the possibilities for so much fun and danger, than a day at the lake?

Well, unless you’re with your parents, or similarly sans-parents and at the beach, I’d have to say no.

What dude doesn’t dream of grabbing some friends, meeting some girls, taking along food and drink and maybe even the supplies for a cookout, and then heading out to the lake for swimming and splashing? It’s the ultimate day-cation.

And it’s where Casa de Dude is headed right now.

To celebrate the graduation of Zippy the Monkey Boy, we’re gathering up some of his friends, his relatives in from out of town and his relatives here and we’re all going to the lake. We’re packed full of drinks and snacks. We’ve rented a pontoon boat and a speed boat so we can drift and we can ski.

Zippy the Monkey Boy is heading off to college in style.

See you on the other side of the lake. Provided I make it that far.

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