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Ten Rules For Success Not A Myth

Adam Savage is a dude who knows about which he speaks.

A special effects master, a Maker, a knowledgable sort-of scientist, an amazing television co-host of Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters, Savage is an all-round astonishingly good guy.

He spoke recently at a theatrical event for Makers, designers, engineers, eccentrics and anyone who wants to be around clearly odd folks like that in San Francisco. His topic was on how to succeed. Savage didn’t actually say succeed in what. But, after looking over the interesting assortment of suggestions he put forth, I’m thinking these ideas could apply just about anywhere.

I’m going to just run them here because, really, there’s not much I could add right now*. Thanks to boingboing.net, which originally ran the list.

1. Get good at something.
Really good. Get good at as many things as you can. Being good at one thing makes it easier to get good at other things.

2. Getting good at stuff takes practice.
Lots and lots of practice.

Everyone at the top of their field is obsessed with what they’re doing.

4. Doing something well and thoroughly is its OWN reward.

5. Show and Tell.
If you do something well and you’re happy with it, for FSM’s sake, tell EVERYONE.

6. If you want something, ASK.
If something piques your interest, tell someone. If you want to learn something, ask someone, like your BOSS. As an employer, I can tell you, people who want to learn new skills are people I want to keep employed.

7. Have GOALS.
Make up goals. Set goals. Regularly assess where you are and where you want to be in terms of them. This is a kind of prayer that works, and works well. Allow for the fact that things will NEVER turn out like you think they will, and you must be prepared to end up miles from where you intended.

8. Be nice. To EVERYONE.
Life is way too short to be an asshole. If you are an asshole, apologize.

9. FAIL.
You will fail. It’s one of our jobs in life. Keep failing. When you fail, admit it. When you don’t, don’t get cocky. ‘Cause you’re just about to fail again.

Work like your life depends on it…

*Which is not to say that I won’t find something to say in a a day or so, which I can almost guarantee will be the case. Check back tomorrow and see if I’ve recovered the power of voice by keyboard.

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In The Rear-View Mirror

by Richard

All right, dudes, I’ve got good news and I’ve got bad news.

The bad news is that the Olympics are over for the next two years. Four if you’re counting until the next time we get to see serious athletes dressed in skimpy bathing suits, hitting a ball around a square of sand. Two if you’re ready for a bunch of snow and ice.

Either way, it’s gone. And it’s about time, really. I was getting to the point where it just wasn’t all that much fun anymore to sit around and pretend to understand different sports.

Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy watching Team Handball and Table Tennis and all those other minor sports. Believe me, I did. But it was getting harder and harder as the Olympics dragged on to find another sport to start getting interested in.

Maybe I’ve only got so much attention to spare, maybe we’ve all got only so much attention to spare, and there’s something coming up that’s starting to hog all the attention.

Yeah, that’s right. Football’s time has come round at last.

Yep, last weekend was the first full slate of pre-season professional games. We’re less than month away from the start of college football. It’s time, oh, dear FSM, it’s time. I can not wait for the seasons to begin.

The hear the crack of helmet against helmet, to hear the sound of pads smashing together.

This is the season for which I live my sports life.

I can’t wait.

That was the good news.

Now some more bad news. We’ve still go to wait. There are games, but they don’t count.

But at least they’re there. And I will be watching.

Well, I’ll be watching the first quarter at least, because after that it’s all scrub time. And who wants to watch that?

Yeah, you’re right. Probably me too. I mean, it’s still football. And after more than six months doing without, I am ready for some football.

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Sunday Serenade: Stay

by Richard

My mom was a big fan of the classic rock, dudes. And one of her favorites was Jackson Browne. When my sister and I gave Mom an iPod for Christmas a couple of years ago, one of the first bands she demanded be put on there was Jackson Browne.

Hard as it is to believe, she was able to pass down her love for the J.B. to me and, through me, to the rest of the young dudes in my family. We’re all big fans.

As we were getting ready to say our final, public good-byes to Mom yesterday, I heard this song on the radio and I just started crying. It was Jackson Browne and he was asking people to stay. Just stay a little longer. And for those eight minutes, I wanted nothing more than to say the same thing to my mom.

She couldn’t play the piano anymore and her singing could have been used as a great way to pry information out of those folks undergoing enhanced interrogation techniques, but, FSM, that song was her. At least for those eight minutes. And I had her there and then I had to let her go.

Because she couldn’t stay. Not even just a little longer.

So, here. It’s Jackson Browne. Enjoy.

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