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Yet Another Anniversary

Yep. It’s been six years to the day since Sgt. Pepper taught the band to pl–

Er, what I mean to say is that it’s been six years to the day since the first post was published here at A Dude’s Guide to . . . Everything!

I sort of covered this last week when I talked about the 2,000th post, but I just couldn’t help myself from talking about this again.

No, I’m not the type of person to observe the second half-month anniversary of the first time I kissed someone. I’m lucky to remember the anniversary of the day I got married.

Not because it doesn’t matter, but because living with my wife, known to me as She Who Must Be. . . Something Something Something, is so wonderful, it’s hard to believe there ever was a time when I was without her. (Did you dudes know she sometimes reads this blog? Apropos of nothing.)

Anyway, on this day in 2008, Barry posted our first post.

Here it is.

A Dude’s Guide is a funny and insightful look into what it takes for a Dude to be a better person. We are not saying that we are exceptional people but we try. We will use our experiences and adventures and misadventures to try to help other Dude’s learn and contribute to this Blog.

We will start by using our unique viewpoint on fatherhood and the sticky mess made of it by us and (we believe) most men. We will take takes a fresh perspective on such fatherly conundrums as: How do I change a diaper without getting peed on? How, exactly, do I make the little Dude (or Dudette) burp? How do I manipulate their minds to be good people and eat their broccoli?

We hope to make you laugh, learn and contribute at the same time.

Seems like a pretty good mission statement to me. What say we keep doing it for a while?



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Dudes Kickstarting: XOWi, A SmartBadge

Wearable computing is all the rage these days.

Look at the FitBit and Nike+ gadgets that help you track your fitness levels and workouts. Google Glass is getting ready to hit the market soon, bringing computing to eye-level all the time. Smart watches like the Pebble are reimagining what it means to wear a watch, connecting the devices with your smartphones.

There’s a phrase for this sort of thing: ubiquitous computing. That means that computing and the devices that power that are found everywhere.

Which doesn’t mean that every single wearable device has been imagined or is in the pipeline. There’s still room for improvement and advancement.

Which brings me to XOWi: the world’s first smartbadge. It’s up for funding on Kickstarter, a crowd-funding organization that lets potential consumers help to fund the process of bringing a device to reality and then to market.

Here’s a little info about it.

Basically, this thing is the Star Trek communicator badge, but real. You can use it to control and interface with your phones, make calls, receive calls, control just about anything your phone does.

It is, right now, the very essence of Techool (can you tell I just made up that word? Techool, a combination of tech and cool? Well, I think it works.).

But it’s not going to become real unless you help out. There are fewer than 10 days left in this initial funding round and there’s still a long way to go. Why not go and check out the project and see if you can give it a little boost. Pick the right amount of giving and you could end up with one of these amazing devices.

You’ve got to hurry, though. There’s not much time left. Go on. Give it a try.

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Enough About Me. Let’s Talk About What YOU Can Do For Me.

Did you know Barry and I actually went out and wrote a book?

Yeah, we really did.

It’s called A Dude’s Guide to Babies and it was put out by actual publisher Sellers Publishing in April of this year. And it’s still for sale at better bookstores everywhere, including on the internet. It’s also available in electronic format, so you can read it on either paper or pixel.

But that’s not why I’m here today. I figure a lot of you have already purchased the book and just loved the stuffing out of it. Or would have, had there been, in fact, any stuffing inside the book. Which there wasn’t. There were words and such. No stuffing.


Since you all got so much enjoyment out of reading the book, I was hoping we could prevail upon you to spread the word a little bit. Maybe go like us on Facebook and let the rest of your friends know about us. That would be pretty awesome, no question.

However, what would really, really, really help us out would be if you could write a review of the book. It wouldn’t have to be long. Maybe just click four or five stars, write out “I loved this book. It was so funny and so informative. And that Jones guy is really, really good looking.”

Or, you know, something like that. In your own words.

See, when a book gets lots of reviews, the major bookseller sites notice and start offering it up to more people, which leads to more people actually buying the book. Which leads to me smiling a lot more.

You want me to smile, don’t you? If enough of you write reviews, I’ll even make sure and not smile in your direction. I’ve been told it’s rather . . . disturbing.

It’s not like doing a book report in school. This is much easier. And, really, anything you do gets you an A from this professor. Although I can’t really call myself that anymore, not since the lawsuit and the adjudication, but we’ve spoken about that enough.

So, what do you say? Up for a little help?

Here. I’ll make it easy on you.

Leave a review on Amazon.com by clicking here.

Leave a review on BarnesandNoble.com by clicking here.

Leave a review on Powells.com by clicking here.

Leave a review on Goodreads.com by clicking here.

Leave a review on Half.com by clicking here.


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